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From the instant that Han Li had transformed into the five-colored phoenix to the moment that he'd unleashed that spatial ability to appear above the Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven and the devilish vulture, only a split second had passed by.

However, the devilish bird down below had already been startled by the fact that the thin needles it had unleashed had completely failed to even reach Han Li, so it had been keeping an eye on him this entire time.

As such, it witnessed the entirety of his transformation process, and a hint of fear appeared on its feminine face.

After all, the heavenly phoenix true spirit was known as the monarch of all birds. Even the Golden Crow, which was also a true spirit being, would suffer from having its powers severely debilitated in the face of a heavenly phoenix.

Of course, Han Li was only using his 12 Awakening Transformations to manifest this rainbow phoenix form, so it was completely incomparable to a true heavenly phoenix. Even so, it was undeniable that he had the true spirit blood of the heavenly phoenix within his body. On top of that, this devilish vulture was only a mutated bird that had inherited part of the Golden Crow's bloodline, so it wasn't a true Golden Crow itself.

As such, in the instant that it sensed the unique aura released by the true spirit blood within Han Li's body, it was struck by a sense of irrepressible fear.

On top of that, the Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven was also a very troublesome opponent to deal with in that it was able to devour Golden Crow True Flames, which was the devilish vulture's trump card that had won it countless battles in the past.

As such, the devilish bird immediately let loose a sharp cry as it blasted forth a pillar of white light, following which the white flames around its body receded as it attempted to flee the scene.

However, the Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven was formed from the spiritual flame within Han Li's body, so it had a closer connection with Han Li than even his bonded treasures.

Hence, it only took a single thought from Han Li for the silver Fire Raven to realize that the devilish bird was trying to escape, and it immediately opened its bead to expel a thin golden and silver thread.

This was none other than the Revolving Evil Spirit Light!

The pillar of golden light was as thick as a large bowl, while the golden and silver thread was as thin as a strand of silk, but as soon as the two clashed, the pillar of light was reflected directly back toward the devilish bird.

The devilish vulture was naturally quite stunned by the fact that its own attack was being used against it, and it abruptly flapped its wings in a fit of shock and fury. Two bursts of white flames erupted from its wings, and only then was it able to just barely nullify the pillar of light.

However, the golden and silver thread had also taken this opportunity to hurtle directly toward it.

The devilish bird had been made aware of the fact t

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