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Han Li had originally planned to disguise himself before selling off some of his spirit medicines and spirit herbs in exchange for spirit stones.

However, after what had just happened, he had become the center of everyone's attention, so he naturally wouldn't be able to act according to his initial plan.

As such, following a brief moment of contemplation, he departed from the side hall, seemingly in a calm manner. He then arrived at a plot of empty land reserved for beast-drawn carriages to park at, then cast a solemn gaze across the street.

When he had first arrived, he hadn't noticed this so-called Rich Aroma Pavilion, but now that he was actively searching for it, he discovered that there really was such a place.

The pavilion wasn't very large, but it was situated almost directly across from the auction house. The building was three levels tall, and there was a sign hanging above the door with flowing and elegant text inscribed upon it.

After a brief moment of observation, Han Li discovered that in contrast with all of the other nearby buildings, which were all quite lively and bustling, there was no one entering or exiting the pavilion at all.

This was the place that Duan Tianren had asked him to go to.

Han Li was feeling rather hesitant about how to proceed. The auction wasn't going to commence for some time, and before ascertaining Duan Tianren's true intentions, he wouldn't be able to focus on the auction anyway.

As such, he suddenly rustled a sleeve, and his hand reached out from within as he appraised it in an expressionless manner.

The hand was inky-black in color, and it was none other than the hand in which the Divine Essencefused Mountain had been infused.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly.

Duan Tianren had done his best to disguise this, but through the use of his spirit eye ability, Han Li was still able to see that his gaze had almost been focused entirely on this sleeve of his.

However, he didn't know whether it was just his hand that had caught Duan Tianren's interest or his entire arm instead.

If it were the former, then he was most likely interested in the Divine Essencefused Mountain, but if it were the latter...

Han Li's heart sank slightly as a realization dawned on him.

At the thought of his arm, Han Li abruptly raised his other hand and stroked a certain section of his arm through his sleeve.

Even though he couldn't sense anything amiss in that arm, it was undeniably true that the longsword that the Profound Heavenly Fruit had transformed into was sealed within his arm.

Could it be that Duan Tianren had managed to detect the existence of that sword?

Han Li was growing more and more uneasy as he followed this train of thought.

He was still oblivious to the fact that the many races, including the human race and the Flying Spirit Race had been indirectly affected by this profound heavenly treasure, and nor was he aware that some smaller races had ev

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