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Han Li's expression remained completely unchanged, but he was quite delighted by this reaction.

It was quite clear that this Golden Lightning Bamboo was even more precious than he'd originally thought.

But then again, even though he'd already mastered the Lightningwield Technique, he still couldn't help but feel that there seemed to be something else hidden within the Golden Lightning Bamboo. Otherwise, the demon monarchs of the earth abyss wouldn't have been so wary of this Divine Devilbane Lightning.

Unfortunately, the demon monarchs were merely using him as a tool at the time, so even if the Golden Lightning Bamboo were harboring some other secrets, they naturally wouldn't tell him about it.

Han Li had searched through the Flying Spirit Race and Cloud City, but there weren't many tomes that he could find that were related to the Golden Lightning Bamboo and Divine Devilbane Lightning. As such, he could only give up in his search for now and hope that an answer would present itself to him later on.

Just as these thoughts were racing through Han Li's mind, bidding had already begun on the Golden Lightning Bamboo.

All of a sudden, a holy race being on the upper level made a staggering bid of 250,000,000 spirit stones, effectively scaring off many prospective bidders.

However, that holy race being definitely wasn't the only one with a massive budget.

Almost immediately thereafter, bids of 260,000,000 and 270,000,000 were made by two other holy race beings on the upper level.

The voice of one of the bidders was rather familiar to Han Li, and after a brief moment of contemplation, he realized that it was Qian Jizi.

This elder of the Myriad Ancient Race had also set his sights on that section of Golden Lightning Bamboo.

As for the other bidder, it was the man with the Lie surname who had raised his skepticism toward the flawed Glazed Heavenly Flame Liquid earlier.

These two beings made one bid after another, and all of the other prospective bidders could only look on in disappointment and yearning toward the Golden Lightning Bamboo on the stage.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the auction hall became a little tense and oppressive.


After a brief silence, the holy race being who had earlier made the bid of 250,000,000 finally placed another bid, and Han Li's heart skipped a beat upon hearing this astonishing price.

This time, Qian Jizi heaved a forlorn sigh and remained silent.

"310,000,000! Fellow Daoist Jing, you're the one bidding against me, right? This section of Golden Lightning Bamboo is extremely important to me, so I hope that you can relinquish it to me." The man with the Lie surname made another after a brief hesitation before directing a polite request toward the other bidder.

However, the man with the Jing surname had no intention of giving up, and he chuckled, "I don't think so, Brother Lie. The Golden Lightning Bamboo is also extremely important to

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