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In the face of the devilish ape's fierce retaliation, the Divine Essencefused Light and five-colored glacial flames that Han Li had set up were almost instantly destroyed. In the end, he was only barely able to withstand this round of attacks using the small crystalline shield.

Not only was the devilish ape immensely powerful, the purple blade segment was also an extremely lethal weapon, and Han Li was having a very hard time coping with its attacks, even from afar.

With his vast wealth of battle experience, Han Li naturally immediately decided that the best course of action available to him was to use his Gold Devouring Beetles to keep the blade segment at bay.

Meanwhile, his body combined as one with the Provenance True Devil Projection, and he conjured up a weapon for each of the four additional arms that he gained to oppose the giant ape's fists.

At the same time, the two Gold Devouring Beetles struggled and thrashed with all their might to try and escape from the grasp of the giant ape.

Following their mutation, the Gold Devouring Beetles had attained enormous strength, and they really were able to free themselves before immediately setting off in pursuit of the purple blade segment.

Upon seeing this, the devilish ape swung its massive fists at Han Li and engaged him in melee combat.

With Han Li's current immensely powerful body, he certainly wasn't going to back down from a physical brawl, and thus, the result of all that was the current situation.

The devilish ape's armor and that purple blade segment were extremely powerful, but the fearsome aspect about it was its insane strength.

Even though Han Li was using all six arms and activating his Provenance True Devil Arts to its maximal extent, he was still being forced onto the back foot.

However, perhaps the devilish ape didn't want to aggravate its existing injuries or perhaps it had decided that its current attacks would be enough to take care of Han Li. In any case, it didn't unleash any additional abilities, and only used its fists to attack him.

As such, after growing accustomed to the giant ape's startling speed, Han Li was able to deal with its attacks in a composed manner.

However, his treasures didn't do much to the devilish ape's purple armor, either, only leaving a few marks here and there.

This suit of strange purple armor was like an indestructible turtle shell that encapsulated the giant ape's entire body, and even Han Li was finding it to be quite difficult to deal with.

It appeared that he would have to devise some other type of strategy.

Han Li's expression remained completely unchanged, but countless thoughts were racing through his mind.

All of a sudden, he took a deep breath before extending a hand that was as pristine white as jade out of his sleeve.

Five white skulls then emerged from his fingertip before opening their mouths in unison to send a wave of five-colored glacial flames surging toward the

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