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"Very good. Can you find the killer?" the owner of the elderly voice asked in a cold manner.

"Of course. The three of them have all used secret techniques to conceal their spiritual power, but with the ever-present devilish Qi in this nearby area, there's no way for outsiders to completely conceal their auras, so I'll still be able to track their location. The killer has gone in that direction, but his residual aura is already very faint, so they most likely left quite a while ago. On top of that, the devilish Qi currents at high altitudes are very fast, so I'm not confident in my ability to chase them down, given how fast they're traveling," the woman replied in a truthful manner.

"Hmph! Useless!" The elderly man immediately flared up with rage upon hearing this.

The woman could only stand on the spot in a resigned manner.

At this moment, her companion also rose up from the ground below, and he appeared beside the woman after just a few flashes before extending a respectful bow as he delivered his findings. "Master, I've drawn the young master's residual soul out of his body and used a secret technique to simulate the killer's appearance."

"Let me see it," the elderly being instructed in a cold voice.

The horned man gave an affirmative response before sweeping a sleeve through the air, upon which a ball of intertwining grey Qi and black light flew forth, then settled above his head.

He then made a hand seal before casting a series of incantation seals toward the ball of light, and the ball exploded to reveal a humanoid projection.

This was a shimmering projection of an azure-robed man with a set of ordinary facial features. There was an inky-black eyeball on his glabella that was swirling with an unsettling black light, and the man was naturally none other than Han Li.

The projection only held its form for the span of a few breaths before it imploded and vanished.

After identifying the third eye on Han Li's glabella, the elderly being gritted his teeth, and said, "A Law Destruction Eye, eh? Looks like he really is the killer, then. Only the spatial abilities of the Law Destruction Eye can prevent my son from teleporting away. Let's go!"

The horned man hesitated momentarily before asking, "Please forgive me for my rudeness, but may I ask if you're planning to go after the killer, Master?"

"Were my orders unclear?" the elderly being asked in a cold voice.

The horned man hesitated momentarily again before replying, "Not at all, I just wanted to remind you of the purpose of our trip. The matriarch is going to use this mass devilish Qi influx to completely awaken, and if you get there too late, Tie Mo and the others could turn the matriarch on you by fabricating some slanderous lies. In that case, you can land in some trouble, Master."

"Hmph, that Tie Mo has always been a thorn in my side," the elderly being harrumphed coldly, seemingly in a disdainful manner, but it was quite clear that he wa

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