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A pea-sized ball of light shot forth from his fingertip before disappearing into the cage in a flash.

In the next instant, azure light erupted from a corner of the cage, following which the small purple beast reappeared. At the same time, it bent its four limbs slightly to absorb the impact before landing on the ground in a soundless manner like a ball of cotton.

Thus, the small beast was finally revealed to everyone as a purple beast that resembled a fox.

The beast's body was only around half a foot in size, and its eyes were darting around incessantly. Those eyes were no different from that of highly intelligent beings, thereby indicating that it had already attained a good level of intelligence.

The only thing that set this beast apart from a normal spirit fox would be the faint silver scales that could be seen on its nose and ears. However, these patches of scales were only the size of fingernails, and it was really difficult to see them unless one was paying particularly close attention.

"Is this really a spirit beast that's inherited the bloodline of the Human-faced Wyrm? It looks no different from a normal fox beast," someone exclaimed in a disappointed manner.

Many of the other beings present were also appraising the small beast with furrowed brows, unable to identify how it was supposed to be special in any way.

"A normal fox beast? I'd advise all of you to take a closer look, Fellow Daoists."A sinister look suddenly appeared on the elderly man's benevolent face, and he abruptly thrust a palm toward the black cage from afar.

A resounding boom erupted from within the cage, following which white lightning flashed, and a layer of white electricity appeared.

A string of loud thunderclaps then rang out as countless thin arcs of lightning transformed into sharp blades that hurtled directly toward the small beast in the cage.

An extremely humanized expression of alarm and fury appeared on the small beast's face upon seeing this, and it let loose a low snarl as purple light swirled over its body. All of a sudden, a projection surfaced above it, shielding its body within.

This was the projection of a faint silver wyrm.

The wyrm projection was extremely blurry and indistinct, making the onlooker only barely able to identify it as a wyrm, but all of the blades of lightning disappeared like sandcastles in the tide after striking the projection.

After absorbing so much lightning, the wyrm projection had swelled to several times its original size, almost filling up the entire cage as it raised its head to let loose an enraged roar.

All of a sudden, the cage began to screech and groan as if it were to struggling to hold itself together.

All of the beings present drew a sharp breath in unison upon seeing this.

Just a projection conjured up by this purple beast in its infantile stage was this powerful; it was indeed displaying astonishing potential.

At the sight of the astonishment etc

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