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Even though Han Li didn't read through the scripture in detail, he could still roughly deduce that the scripture of beveled silver text was detailing a mysterious tool refinement technique that he'd never seen before.

Just a quick glance through its contents struck him with a sense of absurdity. This was because the materials and refinement methods stipulated in the scripture were all things that Han Li had never even thought about before.

At the conclusion of the scripture, it even proclaimed that using this secret technique to refine treasures could create products that were comparable to Profound Heavenly Treasures, which was why this was known as the Profound Heavenly Tool Refinement Technique.

Miraculous feats like refining the sun and evaporating oceans were only the simplest tool refinement methods stipulated in this scripture, and these methods were most likely only feasible to true immortals of the True Immortal Realm.

As such, they were nothing more than a pipe dream to Han Li. Even before reading the scripture in any greater detail, Han Li was left feeling quite disappointed.

If it weren't for the fact that this scripture had been written in beveled silver text, Han Li would've most likely thought that the devilish ape had fabricated it on a whim.

After pausing momentarily to ponder the scripture, blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes as he cast his gaze toward the crimson bed again.

Moments later, his expression changed slightly, and he really did make another discovery.

All of a sudden, his body blurred, and he abruptly appeared in the air above the bed.

He then spread his fingers and patted the crimson bed with a single hand.

Loud rumbling booms rang out as countless thin arcs of golden lightning erupted from his fingers, forming a massive golden net that encompassed the entire bed within.

The silver runes all withdrew as if they'd encountered the bane of their existence, and they instantly disappeared without a trace.

In the face of the violent attacks from the golden arcs of lightning, the crimson bed was completely pulverized, and a putrid gag-inducing burst of blood Qi instantly wafted through the air.

Han Li raised an eyebrow as he brought his fingers together, and the net of lightning was immediately withdrawn. Golden lightning flashed, and the blood Qi down below was completely eradicated.

Immediately thereafter, a palm-sized white jade badge was revealed, and there were silver runes flashing erratically upon it.

Han Li wasn't all that surprised to see this, but his brows furrowed as he mused to himself, "It really is another one of the outer pages! Looks like this thing is definitely authentic, but pages of the Golden Jade Tome should only be found on in the human and demon territories; how had it fallen into the Elder Devil Realm and into the hands of this devilish ape?"

This was the third page of the Golden Jade Tome that Han Li had obtained, but unfortun

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