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When Han Li re-emerged from the Rich Aroma Pavilion, there were already many people making their way into the main hall of the auction house, indicating that the auction was about to commence.

Han Li immediately also followed suit without any hesitation.

The entrance to the main hall was about three to four times the size of the entrances leading to the side halls, and the number of blue-robed guards outside also far outstripped that of the guards stationed in front of the side halls.

However, these guards did nothing aside from maintaining basic order.

Han Li followed the crowd into the auction house in an inconspicuous manner, and after walking through the entrance, he found himself in a hall with several corridors leading elsewhere.

Each of the corridors had a sign hanging next to their entrances, upon which were written simple words like "Appraisal", "Pawn", and "Hall". There was a young man standing next to each of the signs in a respectful manner, and they seemed to be employees of the auction house.

Han Li cast his gaze toward the signs, and a hint of surprise flashed through his eyes. After a brief pause, he made his way toward one of them, and asked, "What can I expect to find in here?"

The young man standing next to the "Appraisal" sign bowed, and replied, "This is the place where auction items are taken to be appraised. If you have any precious items, they can be added to the list of auction items if the appraisers deem them to be worthy."

"Oh, I see." Han Li nodded before making his way into the corridor.

Cai Liuying had promised to issue half of the expenses required for him to use the super teleportation formation, but the remaining half was still an astronomical sum that he had to take care of himself.

As such, Han Li wanted to sell off some items to the auction house as he'd originally planned.

The corridor wasn't a very long one; after walking for several tens of feet and rounding a corner, Han Li found himself standing before a dark red door.

The door was wide open, but an azure light barrier concealed the entrance, and there were seven or eight foreign beings standing in a line in front of the light barrier.

Han Li was rather surprised to see this, but he made his way over to the line calmly before standing at the rear.

Azure light flashed, and the light barrier opened up of its own accord as a red-haired foreign being emerged from within. Judging from the wide smile on his face, he seemed to have received some good news.

The foreign being paid no heed to everyone else lined up outside as he passed through the crowd and made his way out of the corridor in high spirits.

Thus, the next person in the line proceeded to stride toward the light barrier.

After only about 10 minutes, everyone in front of Han Li had gone in and re-emerged, indicating that the appraisers were quite quick and efficient. However, four or five more beings had since joined the line before

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