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Brilliant purple light erupted from the devilish ape's body, instantly fortifying the purple light barrier and making it around twice as thick as before. At the same time, it completely ignored the giant azure hand as it hurriedly raised its massive sword above its head to act as a shield.

In the next instant, the golden pillar of light struck the giant sword amid a resounding thunderclap, and the sword shuddered as countless arcs of lightning dispersed like cobwebs.

The devilish ape felt an immense weight crash down onto its hands, as if a giant mountain had crashed down onto its sword, and even it was struggling to withstand this enormous weight, despite its incredible strength.

The Divine Devilbane Lightning enhanced by the Lightningwield Technique was far more powerful than it had anticipated, and there seemed to be no end to the pillar of golden lightning crashing down from above, thereby placing it in an extremely bothersome situation.

The devilish beast was extremely stunned by the power of Han Li's attack, and it abruptly drew in a sharp breath. A ball of black and red Qi then surged forth from its dantian before dispersing through its meridians.

A string of explosive cracks and pops then rang out from all over the devilish ape's body, and it swelled drastically in size. At the same time, its arms also became noticeably thicker following a flash of black and red spiritual light.

The giant purple sword that it was barely able to hold onto was immediately stabilized as a result, yet the grim expression on the devilish ape's face indicated that it was only just able to hold on.

Right at this moment, the giant azure hand that had emerged from the ground came crashing down, threatening to crush half of the ape's body beneath it.

However, the devilish ape paid no heed toward it. On one hand, it had its suit of purple armor to protect itself, so an attack manifested from a mere illusion certainly wasn't going to be able to harm it. On the other hand, it really had no spare capacity to do anything else as it was focusing entirely on withstanding the threat of the Divine Devilbane Lightning.

At present, it was gnashing its fangs together as it relentlessly circulated devilish Qi within its body, and all it wanted to do was withstand this Divine Devilbane Lightning first.

The devilish ape knew that the Lightningwield Technique was extremely powerful, to the extent that it would've been susceptible to the technique even at the height of its powers. However, the technique was also quite troublesome to unleash, so as long as it could endure this round of attacks, there definitely wouldn't be a second round.

However, in the instant that the massive azure hand came into contact with the purple light barrier, the devilish ape didn't actually adopt any defensive measures against it. The light barrier swayed and manifested a shield of light that stood in the path of the giant hand, but after hearing a crisp cra

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