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"Are you sure that place will be opening within these two years? Make sure you haven't miscalculated the date. If you're off even by just a few years, I'll be taking this risk for nothing, and I'll be missing out on a brilliant opportunity," Xian Xian asked in a serious voice as she appraised the Kirin projection before her.

"Do you still not believe me even now? When have I provided you with false guidance? If it weren't for the rewards that you reaped from the other set of ruins I told you about, you wouldn't even be at where you are today. With the limited cultivation aptitude of you Crystal beings, you can already be considered to be a supreme prodigy by reaching this point after just a few centuries of cultivation," the Kirin projection replied as it raised its head in a lazy manner.

"From the day that I was born, you were born with me, and if I were to die, you would suffer the same fate, so of course I believe you. It's just you're merely a wisp of the soul of the true spirit Kirin from back then, so it wouldn't be impossible that your memory's been jumbled or rearranged; I'm simply feeling a little uneasy," Xian Xian said as she appraised the miniature Kirin.

"I am indeed only a hundred-thousandths of that true spirit Kirin's spiritual sense after it had self-detonated, but back then, it had been forced to the brink of death by its sworn enemies, and it wouldn't have been able to escape had it not detonated its own soul. Even though it unleashed an ability that defied the natural order to split its soul into 100,000 fragments, it has implanted a few extremely important pieces of information into every single fragment of its soul so it can have a chance of returning to its former power. I can assure you that the information regarding that true spirit cave is most definitely one of those pieces of information, so there's no way that I'll miscalculate," the miniature Kirin chuckled.

"Indeed, it's all thanks to you that I was able to reach my current cultivation base. However, you only adhered to my infant self to try and take over my body and reincarnate yourself. I don't know why you failed to do so in the end, but you certainly didn't harbor good intentions toward me in the beginning," Xian Xian countered with a faint smile.

Spiritual light flashed erratically around the miniature Kirin upon hearing this, and its mood seemed to have soured significantly. "Why are you still mentioning that? I failed in the end, didn't I? It's a stroke of terrible luck that I decided to adhere to your body. Otherwise, if I had chosen someone else at the time, perhaps I'd have been freed long ago!"

"Hmph, do you really think I don't know what happened back then? At the time in the village that I was born, I was the only baby that was yet to be born. You must've thought that an unborn baby with cognitive functions that were yet to be fully developed would've been an easy vessel for you to take over," Xian Xian chuckled.

"At the ti

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