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Meanwhile, the white devilish bird remained on the spot, appraising Han Li from afar. It seemed to have sensed that something was amiss.

After a brief hesitation, it let loose a sharp cry to try and summon its four subordinates back to its side, but that split-second delay already made it too late.

The sword formation that Han Li had set up was over 1,000 feet in size, and the four devilish birds were flying very quickly, plunging headfirst into the Spring Dawn Sword Formation in the blink of an eye.

Immediately thereafter, azure light flashed, and a light barrier abruptly appeared, ensnaring all four of the devilish vultures within.

The four birds were all stunned by this sudden development, and they circled around before grabbing viciously toward the light barrier with their talons.

As soon as their talons struck the light barrier, it shattered like a pane of glass, giving away without offering any resistance.

The four devilish vultures were ecstatic to see this, but they were then quickly left feeling flabbergasted.

After the light barrier had been shattered, they didn't find themselves outside of the sword formation. Instead, they appeared in a strange space that was filled with azure lotus flowers.

The lotus flowers were only around the size of a human thumb each, but there was no end to their numbers, and they created a seemingly impenetrable barrier.

The four devilish birds glanced at one another before one of them suddenly opened its mouth to blast forth a pillar of white light.

The pillar of light struck several of the azure lotus flowers in a flash amid a dull thump, but as opposed to being destroyed, those few lotus flowers swelled to several times their original size, now comparable to the size of a human fist.

The four birds were all given a massive fright upon seeing this, and following that attack, the might of the entire Spring Dawn Sword Formation had also been activated.

The rest of the light barrier instantly shattered on its own as countless azure lotus flowers appeared in its place. All of these lotus flowers began to rotate, and the four devilish vultures felt their surroundings blur before they found themselves in a forest filled with massive azure trees.

Each and every tree was over 1,000 feet tall, reaching up to higher than the eyes could see, and their lush canopies of branches and leaves obscured virtually the entire sky.

The four birds were situated at the deepest point in the forest.

All of them were quite alarmed by this development. For birds like them, falling into dense forestry or rivers was one of their worst fears as the movement techniques that they relied so heavily upon would be greatly hampered in such terrains.

Thus, all four of them immediately spread their wings in unison, sending four balls of scorching white flames erupting from their bodies. These white fireballs then exploded to form over 100 palm-sized white fiery butterflies that fl

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