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Just as Han Li and the holy-grade devilish ape were engaged in direct combat, Xian Xian and the azure Kirin projection had stopped before a black light barrier.

Over 100 feet up ahead stood an inky-black stone wall, and this was already the end of the passageway, so there was no way to progress any further.

The Kirin projection hesitated momentarily before confirming, "This should be the place!"

"You better make sure this is the right place! The formation flags used to open the spirit cave are disposable objects, and I've only barely managed to refine one set," Xian Xian said in a cautious manner.

The Kirin projection cocked its head to the side in contemplation for a short while before nodding in agreement. "You're right, it's better to be safe than sorry. Wait for me for a moment."

It then opened its mouth to expel an azure bead.

The bead rotated on the spot before suddenly transforming into a burst of azure light that swept toward the stone wall up ahead.

A peculiar scene then ensued.

After the azure light disappeared into the stone wall, a low whistling sound suddenly rang out from within the stone wall mere moments later. Immediately thereafter, black light flashed from the stone wall, and the azure light was repelled out of it by some kind of immense force.

Spiritual light flashed, and the azure light converged to form a bead again.

"There's no mistaking it; this is definitely the place!" the azure Kirin projection said in an excited manner as it swallowed the bead again.

After receiving confirmation from the miniature Kirin, Xian Xian was also ecstatic, and she said, "Alright, I'll set up the formation to open the spirit cave right away."

Thus, she flipped a hand over, and a stack of azure formation flags that she'd prepared earlier appeared over her palm.

These formation flags appeared to be rather mundane, but upon closer inspection, one would discover that there thin golden and silver lines embedded deep into the formation flags like layers of cobwebs.

Xian Xian flicked a wrist, and several tens of streaks of azure light shot forth before pausing mid-flight, then abruptly converging toward the center.

In the blink of an eye, an azure formation that was several tens of feet in size appeared before disappearing into the stone wall up ahead in a flash.

However, the stone wall displayed no reaction, as if nothing had happened.

Xian Xian seemed to have known this would happen in advance, and she wasn't disheartened in the slightest as she made a grabbing motion with both hands.

A small blue bell appeared in one hand while a white scepter appeared in the other.

The bell was entirely translucent with a ball of blue liquid flashing with spiritual light within it, creating quite a vibrant sight to behold. In contrast, the scepter was rather antiquated with a dull surface, and there were even some parts of it that were damaged.

Xian Xian was clearly quite reluctant

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