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The elderly man didn't say anything in response. Instead, he turned and cast his gaze toward the green-haired being's companion. This was a being who wore a suit of silver armor that was bristling with sharp crimson spikes, all of which were emanating an odor of blood and gore.

The foreign being was appraising them with an extremely wooden expression, as if he were merely looking at a pile of dead bodies.

Even the elderly man couldn't help but shudder as he met the being's gaze.

With his vast wealth of experience, he naturally knew that this being had to have mastered some kind of extremely powerful cultivation art. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been struck by a bone-chilling sensation at the sight of a being who was of the same cultivation base as him.

The old man quickly cast his glance toward the area surrounding the foreign being to find that even though not all of the outsiders had banded together, there were over 10 beings clustered around him.

He then glanced at his own side to find that even including Han Li, Yue Zong, and the others, they only had around seven or eight people in total, and his expression became quite grim upon seeing this.

Even if all of the beings outside of the silver-armored being's group were to side with them, their numbers would still only just about break even. However, aside from the two ninth-tier upper race beings among the opposing group, there were also four uppers beings of the seventh and eighth tiers. In contrast, the only upper race being above the seventh tier aside from himself was a burly man with disheveled hair who hadn't spoken this entire time.

The elderly man heaved a faint internal sigh upon seeing this. He knew that this green-haired being only dared to act in such a bullish and demanding manner because they had an overwhelming advantage in power.

Even so, he wasn't about to back down. A steely expression appeared on his face as he said in a cold voice, "Junior Yue has some ties with me, so I won't just stand by and watch as you take him away. Also, I want to remind you that this is Lightning Cloud Town; it's not a place where you can do as you please. Even if you want to invite Junior Yue to come with you, you have to follow the rules here."

The elderly man's response seemed to be an unexpected one to the green-haired being, and a cold light flashed through his eyes as he asked, "Rules? What rules?"

"In this town, if a conflict takes place between two beings, then they have to battle one another in the town's arena. The loser will have to comply with the will of the winner," the elderly man replied.

The green-haired being faltered upon hearing this before bursting into raucous laughter. "Haha, are you asking me to fight this little brat?"

"Of course not. I forgot to tell you that according to the rules of the town, only beings of similar cultivation bases can battle one another in the arena. If you insist on taking Junior Yue with you, then you'll

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