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"Is there a trade center in the side hall? Isn't this supposed to be an auction house?" Han Li was rather surprised to hear this.

"Everyone who's attending the auction needs to carry a large number of spirit stones with them, so many fellow Daoists like to sell off some of the precious materials they've gathered for spirit stones prior to the commencement of the auction. Hence, there will always be some time allotted before the auction for fellow Daoists to exchange items for spirit stones or try their luck and see if they can find something they'd like to purchase. If you end up not being able to sell your items to anyone, you can sell them directly to the auction house as well, but obviously at a slightly lower price than what they'd normally fetch. The good thing is that with four of the 13 races supporting the auction house, they'll have sufficient spirit stones to purchase anything, regardless of how rare it is. One of the side halls beside the main hall is dedicated to those looking to buy, while the other is for sellers looking to sell off items," Tie Jian explained.

"So we can purchase items in the side halls as well?" Han Li was rather intrigued to hear this.

"Are you interested in selling or buying, Brother Han? If so, I suggest you go look at what everyone's selling before you go and sell your own things. If you can trade something that you own for something that you need, that would be ideal for both parties," Tie Jian suggested.

"That's a good idea, Fellow Daoist. In that case, I'll go in and have a look," Han Li replied with a nod of approval.

"Alright, then I'll come with you. Perhaps you'll find some things that you need if you're lucky." A smile appeared on Tie Jian's face as he led Han Li directly toward the entrance of the side hall on the right.

The blue-robed guards at the entrance merely glanced at Tie Jian and Han Li before allowing them into the side hall without asking any questions.

"The Four Races Auction is only held to boost the popularity of Cloud City, so all upper race beings and above can attend as they please. As such, there's a great diversity in cultivation bases and status among the beings who attend the auction. It's also because of this that this auction attracts far more people per year than the other auctions held in Cloud City," Tie Jian explained with a smile as he strode into the side entrance alongside Han Li.

"All upper race beings or above can attend this auction? Can this auction house hold that many people?" Han Li's brows furrowed with skepticism.

It was no wonder that Han Li would have such doubts, seeing as the number of upper race beings in the Cloud City definitely numbered in the hundreds of thousands. No matter how he looked at it, this hall was definitely not large enough to house that many beings.

"Hehe, you'll see for yourself soon, so there's no need for me to explain," Tie Jian replied with a mysterious smile.

Han Li's expression changed sli

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