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Han Li didn't waste any more time upon hearing this, and he accepted the black box before sweeping his spiritual sense toward it.

Even though restriction talismans had been plastered over the box, they weren't enough to completely obstruct his spiritual sense, and he still sensed something within the box.

"Hmm?" Han Li cast his gaze toward the Crystal woman with a hint of surprise on his face.

"Looks like you really do know some things," Han Li said as he narrowed his eyes.

"I'm working off a lot of assumptions as well, so I certainly can't say that I know everything. Why don't you open the box to see if the item inside interests you? This is not a good place to talk; let's go elsewhere first," the woman said with a smile.

She then flipped a hand over, and a formation plate appeared over her palm. She glanced at the entrance of the shop before making a hand seal and chanting something, then pointing a finger toward the formation plate.

Brilliant light instantly flashed from the formation plate, following which a vast expanse of five-colored light swept forth in all directions, enshrouding Han Li and the woman within.

Han Li raised an eyebrow at the sight of this sudden development. He could sense powerful spatial fluctuations from within the five-colored light, but he remained still on the spot and made no attempt to evade.

The light swirled around Han Li before forming a five-colored light formation, and Han Li felt his surroundings abruptly blur before he found himself within a murky grey space.

The space was extremely small; only just over 100 feet in size, and there was nothing in it aside from a table and a pair of chairs.

At this moment, Han Li was standing atop a teleportation formation that was shimmering with five-colored light alongside the woman.

"This is a small spatial rift that I had someone open up for me. There won't be any danger of our conversation being eavesdropped on here. Of course, with your powers, even without the teleportation plate, it would be a simple task to force your way back to the original space," the Crystal woman explained with an elegant smile.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense toward the spatial walls around them to find that this space was indeed quite secure, and he nodded in a content manner before sweeping a sleeve over the black box in his hand.

A swath of azure light immediately flashed past, and the two talismans detached themselves from the box while the lid was flung open.

A burst of black Qi immediately swept forth from within, swirling around the box before attempting to spread into the surrounding area.

However, Han Li seemed to have anticipated that this would happen well in advance. He merely opened his mouth in a composed manner to expel a swath of golden light, and as soon as the black Qi was swept up by this light, it transformed into a black pillar of mist that was sucked straight into Han Li's stomach.

"What pure devilish Qi!"

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