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Han Li had naturally heard of this Glazed Heavenly Flame Liquid, and it had been quite a sought-after treasure to him for a long time.

This liquid was something that was refined from an extremely rare type of heavenly flame, and compared to other spirit items of the same caliber, it was even rarer and harder to find.

After doing some research on the spirit liquid, Han Li had thought that it would be the most difficult to find among the list of materials that Qing Yuanzi had given him, but who would've thought that it would appear on this auction with such an incredibly low starting price?

Glazed Heavenly Flame Liquid was so rare and precious that it could easily be the auction item that was reserved for the finale.

18,000,000 spirit stones was not a small sum, but compared to the value of this spirit liquid, it was cheap beyond belief.

With that in mind, Han Li had a feeling that Xiao Buyi was definitely going to be providing an explanation regarding why the starting price was so low.

Han Li was not the only one in the auction hall waiting for an explanation. Many other people were also looking at Xiao Buyi with astonishment intermingled with a hint of anticipation in their eyes, awaiting further elaboration on the situation.

As expected, a faint smile appeared on Xiao Buyi's face as he continued, "I know that the starting price for this Glazed Heavenly Flame Liquid comes as quite a surprise to everyone, but there's naturally a reason for this. This spirit liquid was refined from a heavenly flame, but something went wrong during the refinement process, so it's technically a flawed item compared to true Glazed Heavenly Flame Liquid. However, I can guarantee that it possesses all of the main functions of normal Glazed Heavenly Flame Liquid, it's just that its efficacy will be severely hampered in comparison."

"A flawed item?" The rowdy crowd immediately fell silent, and many people furrowed their brows with indecision.

There had been precedents of flawed spirit medicines and even flawed treasures that had been sold during auctions, but it was said that all of these items were very lackluster and couldn't hold a candle to their perfect counterparts. After all, both pill and tool refinement required extremely strict regulation of the materials, as well as the refinement methods and processes used. Even the slightest mistake or discrepancy could result in a complete failure.

Thus, the frenzied crowd suddenly calmed down as if a massive bucket of cold water had been poured over everyone's heads.

"I'd thought that 18,000,000 spirit stones was a ridiculously low starting price, but seeing as this is a flawed item, I now feel that it's far too high," a man in one of the cabins on the upper level chuckled coldly.

Xiao Buyi turned to a certain cabin on the upper level, and replied, "There's no point in trying to barter with me, Fellow Daoist Lie; the starting prices of the auction items were all set by the a

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