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Han Li could naturally only proclaim that those were never his thoughts.

The rest of the process was quite simple. The armored warriors departed at Qian Jizi's behest to gather more of their comrades to this place, temporarily placing the area in a radius of several kilometers into a state of lockdown. As for this inn, it was naturally also isolated as the epicenter of the incident.

Thus, a completely oblivious and stunned Xiang Zhili was summoned to the room, and Han Li could only appraise the situation with a resigned smile.

After that, Han Li and the elderly man departed from the inn while the Vast Glacial Badge remained there with countless armored warriors guarding the place.

Bai Yue and Cang Ying didn't remain in this place for much longer before taking their leave.

However, Han Li and the elderly man didn't travel through the city via flight. Instead, there was a carriage being drawn by a pair of giant golden lion spirit beasts waiting on the side of the street beside the inn.

The elderly man invited Han Li onto the carriage, and the giant lions rose up several feet above the ground before charging along at an incredible speed.

Qian Jizi didn't have any intention to engage in an in-depth conversation with Han Li inside the carriage. He merely made some small talk before closing his eyes to meditate.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged, but countless thoughts were racing through his mind as he considered just why he was being taken.

The elderly man had assured him that he was only trying to repay Han Li for saving Jia Tianmu, but he certainly wasn't going to allow himself to be convinced by that.

Even if he had saved Jia Tianmu, the favor had already been repaid by the sentient puppet that had been given to him.

However, it appeared that they required his assistance to enter this so-called Vast Glacial Realm, seeing as his blood essence had activated the Vast Glacial Badge.

In that case, he could perhaps use that as leverage to see if he could be granted access to use the super teleportation formation.

Thus, he was still useful to the Heavenly Cloud Races, so they definitely wouldn't plot against him right away. With that in mind, he was feeling a lot more reassured.

The beast-drawn carriage that he was currently riding in was significantly faster than the other carriages he'd ridden in before, and it didn't take long for the carriage to reach the Eight Cloud Mountains.

Han Li cast his gaze out the window at the eight massive mountains in the distance, and a peculiar look flashed through his eyes. Was this Qian Jizi taking him back to his cave abode?

A short while later, just as the beast-drawn carriage was approaching one of the eight mountains, it suddenly changed directions and skirted around the mountain, flying toward the area behind it instead.

Han Li was a little surprised by this, but after the beast-drawn carriage traveled around the mountain, he discovered th

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