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Setting aside the Gold Devouring Beetles, the three sword projections were an ability that Han Li had attained after combining his Provenance True Devil Arts and different types of true essence.

This secret technique could unleash the powers of his Provenance True Devil Arts, Azure Essence Sword Art, and Vajra Arts all at once through the Provenance True Devil Projection.

The Provenance True Devil Arts and Azure Essence Sword Art weren't worthy of note, but the Vajra Arts was a body refinement cultivation method, so it was extremely rare for someone to be able to project the true essence imbued within the cultivation art in this manner.

Han Li had coined the name "Triessence Slash" for this ability. Due to the fact that the three types of true essence were all different and complemented one another, their combined power was far superior to just the sum of their constituent parts.

The slash that had just been unleashed had exhausted close to half of the true essence within Han Li's body, and even though the three-colored sword projection had been compressed to a completely ordinary-looking state, it possessed devastating power that could virtually split mountains and part oceans.

With all of the other attacks that Han Li had also prepared, if the black devilish ape were to take everything head-on, Han Li was 70% confident that it would be killed on the spot.

At this moment, the azure arcs of lightning struck the giant ape's suit of purple armor first, yet an unexpected turn of events suddenly unfolded within the formation.

The runes all over the crimson bed lit up in unison, emitting a piercing crimson light that shielded the armored ape within.

The powerful arcs of lightning struck the crimson light in a frenzy, but the light barrier only tremored slightly in the face of such an astonishingly powerful attack, yet remained completely unscathed.

However, in the next instant, the three-colored sword projection and the two golden beetles also crashed into the crimson light barrier in quick succession.

A resounding boom rang out as the entire hall tremored violently, and was instantly inundated by lights of different colors.

What appeared to be an extremely dazzling rainbow sun then rose up from the center of the formation, yet Han Li didn't falter in the slightest as a hint of blue light flashed through his eyes.

All of a sudden, he pointed toward the distance while making a hand seal with his other hand to spur the golden projection above his head into action.

Before the explosions in the hall had even subsided, the Spirit Engulfing Fire Raven let loose a clear cry and folded its wings against its sides as it plunged headfirst into the ball of light.

Silver flames immediately appeared within the scorching sun before disappearing in a flash.

Meanwhile, the giant swords in the hands of the golden projection disappeared, only to be replaced by balls of golden light that were sent flying thro

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