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As for Xian Xian, she was also quite astonished, but she quickly returned to her senses as she said, "Indeed, Senior Han; this is not somewhere we should stay for longer than we have to. Perhaps there could be other devilish beasts lurking in the nearby area, so it's best that we get away from here as quickly as possible."

Yue Zong finally recovered from his stunned stupor upon hearing this, and he quickly nodded in agreement.

Thus, the three of them continued onward.

After that, they only flew for less than an hour before emerging from the thin mist, finally departing from that unsettling area.

The three of them then continued without pause on their journey.

Unbeknownst to the three of them, at the same time as they left the misty region, a streak of silver light shot forth from the distance before stopping in front of the sea of thin white mist.

The silver light faded to reveal a petite humanoid figure with a pair of pointy ears a long furry tail that was wagging gently behind her.

The beautiful woman looked around before making a hand seal while chanting something, and the ball of silver mist suddenly erupted from within her body, then transforming into runes that quickly spread in all directions.

The silver runes disappeared into thin air in the end, and a hint of elation appeared on the woman's face. "This is definitely the right direction! If I recall correctly, those mutated Human-faced Vultures recently settled here. They possess the bloodline of the Golden Crow and they're subordinates to Xue Bi, so they won't be easy to deal with. That's a good thing; at the very least beings won't be able to get out of this place easily."

Within that in mind, silver light appeared around her body, and she flew directly into the mist.

Over two hours later, silver light faded at the location where Han Li had slain the devilish birds earlier, and the woman revealed herself again.

She gently sniffed the air in the area, upon which a hint of bewilderment flashed through her eyes. She then made a hand seal and repeated the same process from earlier, following which the bewilderment in her eyes grew even more pronounced.

After pondering the situation for a while, she suddenly raised her head that let loose a long cry that was akin to the roar of a tiger, but also similar to that of a dragon.

Even after maintaining her call for a long while, the surrounding area still remained completely silent, and there was no response to her cry.

Thus, her voice came to an abrupt halt, and she furrowed her brows tightly.

A short while later, she shook her head and departed from this place. The direction that she was advancing toward was identical to the route that Han Li's trio had taken.


Within a certain obscure col in deep in the Golden Devil Mountain Ranges, thousands upon thousands of devilish beasts of different types had gathered, both in the air above and on the ground below.

The largest of

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