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In the face of the oncoming black wave, golden light flashed from the Provenance True Devil Projection above Han Li's head, and it brought the green longsword down in an instant.

Han Li immediately felt a vast amount of magic power flood out of his body at once. At the same time, golden light swirled around the projection's body, and this golden light also surged into the green blade in a frenzy.

As a result, not only did the Provenance True Devil Projection shrink down almost by half, its body also became very blurry and indistinct.

The world's origin Qi nearby suddenly churned violently, and countless five-colored runes appeared out of thin air. At the same time, howling winds and loud thunderclaps erupted, and all of the black light that was surging toward Han Li seemed to have encountered some kind of immense resistant force, faltering initially before dispersing to all sides.

After the Profound Heavenly Sword had been brought down, it was as if all of the world's origin Qi in the nearby area had been absorbed by it before being used to unleash a devastating strike.

A green sword projection was materialized in a flash, and it was as bright and dazzling as heavenly lightning, immediately illuminating the entire passageway with its exceptional radiance.

The inky-black devil was unable to mask its scintillating light in the slightest, and the almighty black wave was also stopped cold in its tracks by this sword projection.

In the next instant, the entire space was severed into two completely different worlds by some kind of invisible power.

The upper half was shimmering with azure light with five-colored runes surging through it, while the lower half was filled with churning black ripples that were filled with specks of black light.

A sharp ringing sound rang out from the border between these two worlds, following which two bursts of invisible fluctuations erupted forth, sweeping through the entire space like a powerful hurricane.

Aside from the locations where Han Li and the devilish ape were situated, the law fluctuations swept up everything in the surrounding area before destroying them into nothingness.

Even the Spring Dawn Sword Formation was completely destroyed after just a few flashes in the face of this clash between the two powers of laws. It was forced to revert back to 72 azure flying swords, which were also pulverized into specks of azure light in a flash.

It was quite clear that the power of laws imbued within the green sword projection was far superior to that of the black wave, and the latter only managed to put up some token resistance before it was completely overwhelmed. The power of laws contained within the black wave was vanquished by a more powerful force.

The Giant Mountain Ape projection above the devilish ape's head had also shrunk down significantly after unleashing that attack, and it was completely eradicated by the invisible law fluctuations that swept through th

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