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"There's someone with a death wish pursuing us," Ma Liang replied.

"Leave them to me, Master," Yang Deer said in a respectful manner.

"The pursuer is quite powerful; you may not be able to defeat them easily," Ma Liang replied with a shake of his head.

Yang Deer faltered slightly upon hearing this before a thought suddenly occurred to it. "They're that powerful? Could it be the most powerful being of the Armored Boar Race? What a coincidence."

"Oh? You know who our pursuer is?" Ma Liang asked as an intrigued look appeared in his eyes.

"If I'm not mistaken, the pursuer should be the number one grand elder of the Armored Boar Race. Apparently, his powers aren't inferior to those of us true spirits, and he ranks among the top five most powerful beings of the entire Spirit Realm," Yang Deer replied.

"Top five, eh? No wonder he dares to pursue us all on his own. In that case, I'll refine his soul into the main spirit of my Myriad Spirit Blood Seal," Ma Liang chuckled coldly.

Immediately thereafter, he swept a sleeve through the air to release a small crimson seal, which vanished into thin air as a ball of crimson light.

Yang Deer's expression changed slightly at the sight of the seal. Back when it had faced Ma Liang in battle with the other two true spirits, it had witnessed the power of this treasure firsthand.

Even the three true spirits combined hadn't been able to contend with this seal, which was why they had been forced to activate the chains of laws as a last resort.

All of a sudden, a loud thunderclap rang out, and a flying bone carriage appeared in the distance amid countless arcs of silver lightning.

The carriage then drew to a halt just over 1,000 feet away from Ma Liang and Yang Deer.

At the front of the carriage stood a thin elderly man from the Armored Boar Race.

The man had a head of long grey hair and a pair of green eyes, and there were around a dozen bone rings of different sizes around his arms. There were also two murky grey flags on his shoulders, each of which was several feet tall with countless ghostly shadows on their surfaces, and they were releasing bursts of ghostly howls.

"You're a true spirit!" the elderly man exclaimed as soon as his gaze settled on Yang Deer.

Yang Deer was quite taken aback to hear this, but it remained expression as it replied, "Oh? I'm surprised you managed to recognize me right away."

"Why has a true spirit like you slain so many juniors of our race and destroyed our intercontinental teleportation formation?" the elderly man asked.

"Those juniors dared to oppose my master, so they had to die to atone for their actions," Yang Deer replied in a nonchalant manner.

"Your master?" The elderly man was astonished to hear this, and he immediately directed his gaze toward Ma Liang.

All of a sudden, he recalled a piece of news that he had recently received, and his heart immediately jolted violently. However, his expression remained

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