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Thus, the two of them embarked on this completely blind journey, and if they hadn't encountered Han Li, the two of them would've been in serious trouble.

In their eyes, this Brother Han was quite mysterious. Not only was his cultivation base only a step away from the Core Formation Stage, he also possessed several treasures that were truly profound.

Furthermore, just a few casual tidbits of cultivation guidance from him benefitted the two of them immensely. Back when Young Master Hai first received guidance from Han Li in the art of body refinement, he had been truly astonished. After all, cultivators who were very knowledgeable in the art of body refinement were truly very rare.

As such, Han Li had become more and more unfathomable in their minds over time. Thankfully, both of them had very relaxed personalities, and even though they were aware that Han Li was no ordinary cultivator, that still didn't drive a wedge between them.

If it weren't for the fact that Han Li's cultivation base wasn't all that powerful in their eyes, they would've most likely asked him to take them as his disciples.

After all, even though Qi Lingzi was constantly proclaiming that he was going to take the Mistsea Daoist Temple to greater heights, he had unintentionally revealed that he planned to find another master for himself during the Myriad Treasure Convention, so he certainly wasn't clinging onto his current title as temple master.

However, he seemed determined to take full advantage of his remaining time as temple master before he accepted a new master, as evidenced by the repeated invitations he extended toward Han Li and Young Master Hai to his temple.

This naturally drew much disdain from Young Master Hai, and Han Li was also feeling quite speechless.

Thus, the trio traveled for around a month before they reached a mountain that was extremely close to the Xuan Wu Region. They decided to rest there for a while before continuing in their journey, and Qi Lingzi launched into an epic tale about his Mistsea Daoist Temple again before extending another invitation for his two companions to join the sect, only for Young Master Hai to turn him down once again without any hesitation.

Han Li seemed to be appraising their interaction in an amused manner, but he was actually surreptitiously scrutinizing Young Master Hai with a hint of blue light flashing in his eyes.

All of a sudden, a hint of redness appeared on Young Master Hai's face before instantly vanishing.

There it is again!

Han Li immediately released a wisp of his spiritual sense to scan through Young Master Hai's body.

"Haha, I don't mean to brag, but with my lightning-attribute spiritual root, it'll be a simple task for me to accept any Deity Transformation or Spatial Tempering cultivator as my master. When I reach my full potential, I'll be sure to..." Young Master Hai was clearly in very high spirits, and after boasting about how powerful he was going to bec

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