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White runes began to emerge from the pond before instantly vanishing into the crystalline coffin, and a ball of light began to materialize within the coffin that instantly transformed into an indistinct white humanoid figure.

Xu Jiao immediately swept a sleeve through the air upon seeing this, and a small crimson vial immediately flew out before hovering in front of him in a stationary manner.

Xu Jiao took a deep breath before raising a hand, and he quickly made a series of hand seals, casting one incantation seal after another, all of which vanished into the small crimson vial in a flash.

A layer of translucent crimson light appeared over the surface of the vial, and it shuddered slightly before its lid flew off on its own.

A crimson thread shot forth out of the opening of the vial, then surged directly toward the crystalline coffin above the pond at Xu Jiao's behest.

The crimson thread than entered the crystalline coffin without any impediment, following which a peculiar scene unfolded.

In the instant that the crimson thread vanished into the coffin, the white humanoid figure was immediately stained red.

The Xu Family cultivators seemed to all be aware that they had reached the critical moment upon seeing this, and the spiritual light emanating from their bodies brightened while their chanting crescendoed to a climax.

As for the three Spatial Tempering cultivators, they were all pouring their power into their crimson flags in a frenzy.

Bright red runes began to emerge from the crimson light in the air above the formation, and these runes then revolved incessantly around the crystalline coffin.

The blood vortex within the pond also instantly began to emit a sharp screeching sound.

One crimson thread after another shot forth out of the blood pond in large swaths before vanishing into the coffin and rapidly wrapping themselves around the crimson humanoid figure.

With the influx of so many crimson threads at once, the indistinct humanoid figure quickly transformed into what appeared to be a crimson humanoid cocoon. As more and more crimson threads surged into the coffin, the cocoon continued to increase in size and clarity.

Mere moments later, the crimson cocoon had expanded to the size of a normal human being, and facial features had begun to take shape on its head, creating a rather unsettling sight to behold.

However, if one were to carefully inspect the cocoon with their spiritual sense, they'd be able to discover that even though there were countless crimson threads following into the cocoon, they quickly began to wither away from the inside before disintegrating into nothingness.

Time passed by slowly, and the Xu Family cultivators were still pouring their power into the formation with all their might, but the number of crimson threads erupting from the blood pond didn't increase any further.

Under these circumstances, not only did the mass of the humanoid cocoon not continue t

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