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Han Li stayed in the secret chamber for over 10 days without leaving once, and the Myriad Treasure Convention finally officially commenced.

On this day, Han Li was seated on his futon, and he suddenly seemed to have sensed something as he swept a sleeve through the air to stow away the Myriad Sword Artwork before him.

He then rose to his feet before emerging from the secret chamber to find that Young Master Hai and Qi Lingzi were waiting respectfully for him in the hall.

The two of them immediately extended salutes toward him as he emerged, following which Young Master Hai pulled a shimmering golden slip out of his sleeve before handing it over to Han Li with both hands.

"Senior Han, this is an invitation slip sent to you by the Myriad Treasure Convention. As long as you hold this invitation slip, you can access all of the auctions and venues in the event. On top of that, due to the fact that this is the first day of the Myriad Treasure Convention, there's going to be a large auction held on the Flying Immortal Peak. According to past conventions, this will be the Myriad Treasure Convention's most important auction, and it also heralds the commencement of the convention. All of the most important treasures of the convention will appear on the auction," Qi Lingzi explained in a respectful manner.

"Oh? You two seem to have gathered a lot of information about this; looks like all the walking around you did these past few days wasn't just a waste of time," Han Li said with a smile as he accepted the golden invitation slip before taking a glance at it.

On the surface of the slip were the words "Myriad Treasure" inscribed in ancient text, and on the other side was a shimmering silver diagram of a prized treasure.

“Have the seven demon monarchs all arrived during my time in seclusion?” Han Li asked as he stowed the golden slip away.

"All of them have arrived aside from Wolf Monarch Tian Kui and the Heavenly Fox Monarch," Young Master Hai replied in a respectful manner.

"Those two haven't arrived? That's interesting. Generally speaking, the seven demon monarchs regard this Myriad Treasure Convention as an extremely important event and wouldn't miss it for no good reason," Han Li mused as his brows furrowed slightly.

"I heard that Wolf Monarch Tian Kui is in seclusion, cultivating a powerful ability, so he won't be able to attend the convention. As for the Heavenly Fox Monarch, he doesn't seem to be in the territory of the Heavenly Fox Race. He only sent someone to announce that he had some important matters to attend to, and that's all the news we have about him," Qi Lingzi replied in a truthful manner.

"I see. In that case, let's set off as well. There will be many events held during the Myriad Treasure Convention, but I'll only actually be interested in a few of them, and I definitely can't miss the first auction. You two can come with me. Not everyone will be granted access to the auction, but with this go

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