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This demon monarch was a member of the Jade Mouse Race, which held a very important position in the demon race. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to become one of the demon monarchs.

After all, the demon race was different from the human race. Even if they were considered to be top-tier beings among the demon race, they still had to have sufficient backing before they could become demon monarchs.

In contrast, power was generally passed down from generation to generation for the three human sovereigns.

Han Li really wanted to go and meet this mouse monarch, but the latter clearly had no intention of seeing anyone, so he could only give up on this matter.

Thus, during the remaining time, Han Li acquainted himself with more Body Integration Stage cultivators and also studied that strange disappearing spiritual root of Young Master Hai's.

Not only had he read many tomes for this, he had even asked Young Master Hai to release some blood essence for further study. From his efforts, he managed to deduce a few murky possibilities.

However, he would still have to observe Young Master Hai for some time longer before he could ascertain the true nature of his spiritual root.

During this time, Han Li was quite benevolent toward his two companions. Not only did he allow Young Master Hai and Qi Lingzi to enter and exit the palace as they pleased, he also provided occasional guidance to them in their cultivation, which benefited them immensely.

On this day, Han Li was, explaining some aspects of a cultivation art to Young Master Hai and Qi Lingzi, and just as he was about to take a sip of spirit tea, his expression suddenly stiffened slightly.

Qi Lingzi reacted quite quickly, and asked, "Is something wrong, Senior?"

"You'll know what's going on soon," Han Li replied with furrowed brows.

Young Master Hai and Qi Lingzi exchanged a slightly bewildered glance upon hearing this, but they didn't dare to press Han Li any further for answers, so they could only wait in silence.

After a full 10 minutes had passed, a dull thump suddenly rang out from outside the palace. The entire ground beneath their feet and the surroundings walls then tremored slightly, and both Young Master Hai and Qi Lingzi were given quite a fright as they cast their astonished eyes toward the door.

Han Li remained still on his seat, but a slightly solemn look had also appeared on his face.

One dull thump rang out after another, and tremors continued to run through the entire palace. It was as if there was some kind of gargantuan creature slowly approaching the Immortal Welcome Palace.

"What's going on, Senior Han?" Young Master Hai couldn't help but ask in a bewildered manner.

"You two won't be able to sense anything here. Let me take you two to broaden your horizons," Han Li sighed before rising to his feet, then swept his sleeve toward the two of them.

A burst of azure light immediately swept forth to encompass the trio, an

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