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"If you and I were both on the panel of elders, I'm sure we'll be able to drastically improve the conditions for many ascended cultivators here," Buddhist Monk Jin Yue said in a solemn manner.

A solemn look also appeared on Han Li's face upon hearing this, but after a brief hesitation, he still shook his head in response. "As an ascended cultivator myself, I'm naturally aware of the circumstances surrounding us ascended cultivators. However, this is not something that you and I can change on our own. Even if I were to join the panel of elders, it wouldn't make much of a difference, and I would be swept up in undesirable conflicts. Ever since I embarked on my path of cultivation, I've been determined to walk this path to the point of immortality. Even though I've reached the Body Integration Stage, I'm still far from being able to ascend to the True Immortal Realm, so I can't divert my attention to other matters."

Buddhist Monk Jin Yue could tell that Han Li had made up his mind, and he heaved a faint sight as he said, "I am truly in awe and admiration of your ambition, Fellow Daoist. In that case, I won't try to persuade you any further. Do you have any important matters that you need to attend to here in Deep Heaven City? Perhaps I can lend you my assistance in some matters."

"Thank you for your kind offer, but I'm only here to complete some menial tasks such as purchasing some materials," Han Li replied in a polite manner.

"Hehe, I see. If you do need any help with anything, you can come and find me. I'm sure I'll be able to help you out with most things here in Deep Heaven City," Buddhist Monk Jin Yue said.

Han Li naturally extended his gratitude upon hearing this.

After that, Han Li and this Buddhist Monk Jin Yue began to discuss some cultivation experiences, which was something that almost all Body Integration cultivators who were on good terms with one another did.

After all, this was the limit for most cultivators, and as for the legendary Grand Ascension Stage and Tribulation Transcendence Stage, those were virtually completely out of reach, and even the most powerful races in the Spirit Realm only had one or two such beings on average.

Hence, without anyone else available to offer them guidance, Body Integration cultivators could only attempt to resolve their own cultivation issues by communicating with others.

This Buddhist Monk Jin Yue was already a mid-Body Integration cultivator and was only one step away from reaching the late-Body Integration Stage, so he had a far greater wealth of cultivation experience than that early-Body Integration Stage Elder Qi.

In contrast, Han Li possessed several powerful abilities and was also using the Provenance True Devil Arts, which was a simultaneous cultivation art that no one had ever used before, so he naturally had many unique cultivation insights to offer as well.

Thus, both of them benefited greatly from their discussion, and they conversed for an

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