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A slightly wistful look appeared on Han Li's face as he spoke. It wasn't a strange thing that secret techniques had been placed on the memories of these two. All major families would take the same precautionary measures with their core members in case of this exact situation.

However, the matters surrounding that woman clearly weren't supposed to be confidential information, so Han Li was able to glean it with ease. Not long ago, a woman that matched the description provided by Hai Yuetian had taken three other people to this place, and after having a conversation with the Long Family Leader, they were taken away to rest.

One of those three other people was none other than Qi Lingzi. However, these two were unaware of where the four of them currently were.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly as he looked at the two unconscious people before him, and he suddenly stomped his foot onto the ground.

A burst of yellow light surged forth, and a pit that was around 10 feet in depth silently appeared. He then swept a sleeve through the air, sending forth a burst of azure light that picked up the two before gently laying them into the pit.

After that, Han Li made a hand seal before pointing a finger at the pit, and a burst of yellow light suddenly erupted from it. Following just a single flash, the pit vanished, and the ground returned to normal with no visible signs at all of what had just transpired.

Only then did Han Li cast his gaze out of the forest, and he discovered that this level was indeed different from the one he was living in.

Outside the forest was a vast expanse of murky white mist, within which the outlines of a city wall could just barely be made out.

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and his body swayed as a layer of grey light appeared around him.

This mist was clearly some type of profound restriction, and part of it fused with the grey light around Han Li, making him appear quite blurry and indistinct as well.

After only advancing for just over 1,000 feet, Han Li reached the edge of the mist, and he discovered that a golden fortress surrounded by walls that were over 100 feet tall lay up ahead, not too far in the distance.

There was a series of white-robed cultivators that either had swords or sabers strapped to their backs standing atop the city walls, and beyond the walls were many buildings and pavilions.

At the very center of the fortress was a giant golden tower that was several thousand feet tall.

Han Li wasn't concerned that these white-robed cultivators would be able to see him, and he cast his gaze directly toward the golden tower.

According to the information he had just gleaned from those two members of the Long Family, the tower was inhabited by the late-Body Integration Stage Long Family patriarch, as well as the family's Spatial Tempering Stage elders. However, right after the Long Family patriarch secured that Giant Atlas Ark blueprint from the auction, he im

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