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"Indeed, Senior Han. On this occasion, whoever inherits the position of the Spirit Sovereign will be in grave danger in the upcoming devilish tribulation. Aunt Liu, as you know, my grandmother was one of Senior Mo Jianli's in-name disciples, and even after she became the leader of our Ye Family, she still regards Senior Mo as her master. Several years ago, Senior Mo suddenly came to our Ye Family while carrying injuries, and only after speaking with my grandmother for a day and a night did he depart." Liu Qing drew a sharp breath upon hearing this.

"What did you say? Senior Mo Jianli was carrying injuries? That's impossible! What in this realm could possibly harm him? Unless..."Liu Qing's voice trailed off as a thought occurred to her.

Han Li had naturally also heard of this Grand Ascension Stage human being, and he was slightly alarmed to hear this as well.

"Looks like you've figured it out, Aunt Liu. Not long ago, Senior Mo used the power of the star disc to forcibly open up an inter-realm passageway to the devil realm, hoping to conduct some reconnaissance on the Elder Devil Race prior to the arrival of the devilish tribulation. Unfortunately, he was discovered by two holy patriarchs of the Elder Devil Race, and was forced to battle them. Thankfully, Senior Mo had been quite cautious and borrowed a powerful life-saving treasure from that patriarch of the demon race, and that treasure allowed him to escape back into our Spirit Realm without too many mishaps. That's already a massive silver lining on this dark cloud!" Ye Ying explained.

"Senior Mo traveled to the Elder Devil Realm? I've been in seclusion for these past few years, so I had no idea about this. Why did Senior Mo do something so dangerous? If I recall correctly, he didn't do anything like this prior to the last devilish tribulation," Liu Qing said with tightly furrowed brows.

"Senior Mo didn't elaborate much on that, but he seemed to have been clued in somehow that this devilish tribulation was going to be far more perilous than all of the previous ones, and both of our races could be wiped out if we're not careful. That's why Senior Mo took the risk to venture into the Elder Devil Realm, and even though he didn't stay there for long, he did discover some extremely dangerous signs. As such, he came to our Ye Family as soon as he returned from the Elder Devil Realm and asked for some Heavenly Phoenix True Blood, which he was going to use to refine an extremely powerful treasure to combat this devilish tribulation. Otherwise, our Ye Family would also be oblivious to just how perilous this devilish tribulation is going to be," Ye Ying said with a resigned expression.

Both Han Li and Liu Qing were very alarmed at this point.

Han Li suddenly asked, "Did Senior Mo ever mention exactly what he saw in the Elder Devil Realm?"

"I'm afraid I don't know anything about that. My grandmother spoke to everyone in our family about this once, and perhaps my mother kn

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