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Seeing as this was an auction that was held once every 1,000 years, the rest of the prominent auction items were naturally all exceedingly rare and precious, all of which were far beyond the reach of normal cultivators, but none of them were items that Han Li required.

After the first batch of prominent auction items were sold, Heavenly Eye Disciple immediately summoned another group of female servants to the platform and began to auction off spirit medicines and ingredients, as well as all types of pills that would be very hard to find in normal auctions.

These items were naturally even less appealing to Han Li, but his attention was drawn to the spirit flowers and spirit herbs that appeared at the end, all of which could only be nurtured by the Spirit Race.

However, after hearing that these spirit medicines required the origin spiritual power of Spirit beings to nourish, he decided against trying to bid for them.

These spirit medicines did indeed possess extraordinary effects, but they most likely couldn't be nurtured to full maturity by the green liquid in his mysterious vial alone, so he wouldn't be able to mass-produce them, which made them rather unattractive to him.

After these spirit medicines and pills were sold, a large number of cultivation arts and treasures were brought out, all of which were ideal for Deity Transformation and Spatial Tempering cultivators, so they created quite a stir in the entire hall.

Almost every single item was competed over by hundreds of human and demonic beings, and during this time, another batch of the prominent auction items was brought out.

This included a batch of over 10 vials of Rising Sun Pills, which could enhance the magic power of Body Integration cultivators, as well as a jade slip containing the cultivation arts used by a renowned Body Integration Stage cultivator who passed away tens of thousands of years ago, and two spirit treasures.

These items naturally sent the entire venue into a frenzy, yet even up to this stage, the Body Integration Stage beings on the third floor had still barely placed bids for anything, and when one of them did place a bid, it was very rare that any of the other Body Integration Stage beings would compete with them.

It seemed that most of them were waiting for something.

After the final dozen or so massive hundred-foot tall battle puppets were purchased by a certain mysterious individual for tens of millions of spirit stones, the entire auction was finally drawing to a conclusion.

Heavenly Eye Disciple smiled as he cupped his fist in a salute, and announced, "The next two auction items are the final two items of this auction, and also the most precious two items. My powers are limited, so I'm unable to host the auction for these two items. Hence, they'll be introduced to all of you by their original owners, Wyrm Monarch Li Huo, and a mysterious guest from a foreign race."

After that, he extended another salute toward

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