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The purple-haired man was a human cultivator, but he also seemed to know about this, and he said in a slightly surprised manner. "Fairy Ling Long? Is that the concubine that returned with Divine Wolf Celestial Kui from the lower realm? I heard that not only is this Fellow Daoist Ling Long a direct lineal descendant of Senior Ao Xiao's, she's also extremely adored by Divine Wolf Celestial Kui."

"That's right. Back when Fellow Daoist Ling Long returned from the lower realm, she was only at the late-Deity Transformation Stage, yet last time we met, she had already reached the pinnacle of the mid-Spatial Tempering Stage and seems to be about to progress to the late-Spatial Tempering Stage soon. Perhaps she'll also be able to make a breakthrough before the devilish tribulation arrives. After all, that woman's aptitude was vastly renowned even in the Silvermoon Wolf Race. If it hadn't been for the fact that she had been trapped in the lower realm for so long, perhaps she would be one of us already," the masked woman sighed.

"No matter how outstanding her aptitude is, the fact that she was able to improve so drastically by staying by Senior Ao Xiao's side for just a few centuries is testament to Senior Ao Xiao's extraordinary powers. However, if she's the divine wolf's concubine, then why is she staying with Senior Ao Xiao? Does Senior Ao Xiao have some plans for her?" the purple-haired man asked in an intrigued manner.

The masked woman hesitated momentarily before speculating, "I'm not particularly sure about the details there. However, I heard from others in my race that some strain seems to have appeared in Fairy Ling Long's relationship with Fellow Daoist Celestial Kui after she emerged from the lower realm. Apparently, it was Senior Ao Xiao who stepped in to take her away. Perhaps it's because they're both displeased by how Divine Wolf Celestial Kui had left her in the lower realm for so many years."

"Alright, the important thing is that Senior Ao Xiao is alive and well; there's no need for us to speculate about others. Next, we should discuss the imminent arrival of the envoys from the Yaksha Tribe and the Wood Tribe. Those two tribes have most likely sent envoys to us with the devilish tribulation in their consideration." The white-robed elderly man suddenly moved on to another topic.

Everyone else's expressions stirred slightly, and they all began to listen with intent focus.

Thus, time slowly passed by, and the meeting between the elders of Deep Heaven City lasted for over half a day before it was adjourned.

Two days later, a certain teleportation formation within Deep Heaven City suddenly lit up, and two humanoid figures vanished from the center of the formation.

At the same time, a loud buzzing sound suddenly rang out from a certain formation within a large city that was far away from Deep Heaven City.

Bright white light suddenly erupted from a carefully guarded teleportation formation, and the chatting g

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