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Hai Yuetian's eyes were practically glowing as he listened intently to Han Li's every word. He finally understood why he had been misdiagnosed at birth to possess no spiritual root, and he asked, "Master, your explanation is very clear about why a recessive spiritual root would make it difficult for one to cultivate, but why is it that there are only a few attributes of recessive spiritual roots that are held in high regard?"

"I see you've pinpointed the most important part of this right away. The darkness-attribute spiritual root doesn't apply to you; this type of spiritual root is even rarer than your recessive lightning spiritual root, and there's only been one recorded case of it. As for your recessive lightning spiritual root, it'll make it several times more difficult for you to cultivate your magic power than it is for normal cultivators, but once you attain the Dao of lightning, you'll be one of the very few types of people in this world who can assist others in transcending their lightning tribulations," Han Li replied.

"He'll be able to help others transcend their lightning tribulations?!" Qi Lingzi exclaimed before even Hai Yuetian could say anything.

As a cultivator himself, he was naturally more aware of the impact of Han Li's words than Hai Yuetian was as a body refinement warrior.

"Indeed. Hence, even though those with recessive lightning spiritual roots are very difficult to nurture, most sects would still do their best to nurture such a prospect as long as there's even the slightest sliver of an opportunity that they could become a high-grade cultivator in the future. However, if there's simply no potential at all for the host to get to such a level, then even someone with the rarer recessive darkness spiritual root would be discarded as a lost cause. I decided to accept you as my disciple as your physique and spiritual root are very suitable for inheriting my path of simultaneous cultivation.

"Even during the period of time where your spiritual root goes into its recessive state, you can cultivate some body refinement techniques, so you won't be wasting your time. On top of that, I also have some lightning cultivation arts that you can use. If you manage to become a high-grade cultivator in the future, you'll be able to assist me while I transcend my future tribulations, and you could even be the difference between success and failure for me." Han Li revealed his own selfish motives without any attempt at deception.

"If I truly can become a high-grade cultivator someday, I'll definitely do everything in my power to assist you in your tribulation transcendence, Master," Hai Yuetian immediately said with a respectful bow.

"Hehe, there's no need for you to be overly concerned about that for now; I'm not exactly pinning all of my hopes on this. Many years would have already passed before you become ready to assist me in my tribulation transcendence, so I wouldn't be overly reliant on something so unpred

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