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After looking around at everyone, the woman's gaze settled on Han Li in the end. Han Li felt a burst of spiritual sense sweep over his body, and even though it wasn't very powerful, it struck him with a peculiar feeling, as if his entire body had been laid bare before her.

His heart jolted slightly, and he immediately activated his Great Development Technique without any hesitation to keep this burst of spiritual sense at bay.

The woman seemed to be rather surprised by this, and she withdrew her gaze before suddenly flipping over one of her hands.

A layer of runes instantly appeared over the crystalline coffin, and it shrank down drastically to only several inches in size before appearing in her hand. It then vanished amid a flash of spiritual light.

As such, she managed to free herself from the treasure and was able to directly face everyone down below.

As soon as she emerged, she said something that came as a slight surprise to everyone. "All of you seem to be members of our Xu Family aside from him."

Xu Yuan and the others all exchanged glances upon hearing this, at a slight loss for how to respond.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly, and he asked, "Are you Fellow Daoist Ice Soul?"

This woman's body was clearly formed by blood essence, but he was unable to ascertain her cultivation base, and that was rather surprising to him.

Of course, this was only a clone formed by a soul fragment, so he naturally wasn't going to be afraid of it no matter how peculiar it was.

The woman replied, "It wouldn't be incorrect to say I'm Fairy Ice Soul. Are you a Body Integration cultivator, Fellow Daoist?"

After ascertaining that this woman had indeed been formed by Fairy Ice Soul's blood soul, Han Li cupped his fist in a polite salute, and said, "My name is Han Li, and I am indeed a Body Integration cultivator. I was invited here by Fellow Daoist Xu to assist in awakening your blood soul."

The cold look in the woman's eyes faded upon hearing this, and she returned Han Li's salute as she said, "I see. My descendants must've gone to great lengths to recruit the assistance of a Body Integration cultivator like you, Fellow Daoist Han."

Xu Jiao and the others were all quite embarrassed to hear this. They hadn't invited Han Li here; he was the one who had sought them out instead. Otherwise, they wouldn't even have been able to awaken the blood soul of their matriarch.

"Hehe, this matter has something to do with me, so it's only to be expected that I lend everyone my assistance. Besides, the two of us share a certain connection as well," Han Li chuckled.

"Oh? Is that so?" The woman faltered slightly before turning to the Xu Family cultivators down below for an explanation.

"Senior Han speaks the truth, Matriarch. Not only was your blood soul delivered to our family by Senior Han, he also came from the same human world as you did, and he also obtained some of the Celestial Blue flames that you left behind t

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