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The elation on Fairy Yue Hua's and Bai Huaji's faces immediately faded upon hearing this. There weren't many cultivators who would be willing to accept such a major setback even for those who were closest to them, let alone for the sake of someone that they didn't know at all.

"What's the second way?" Bai Huaji asked in a hopeful manner.

"The second way is to find some legendary spirit medicines and use them to refine several types of pills with extreme Yang attribute. Those pills would nullify the glacial energy and alter one's Ice Essence Body. This method is no easier to accomplish than the first one. Not only are these spirit medicines extremely rare, they only grow in places that would be completely inaccessible to us. Even if we find these medicines and successfully refine the required pills, taking the pills would result in dire consequences. The Ice Essence Body would be dispelled, but the host's spiritual root would also be damaged. At worst, this could reduce them to a mortal, and even in the best-case scenario, their spiritual root would become extremely mediocre, which would make cultivation very difficult for them," the elderly woman replied in a solemn manner.

Bai Huaji's face completely paled, and he no longer had anything to say.

After a brief silence, Fairy Yue Hua suddenly gritted her teeth and turned to Han Li in a beseeching manner. "Senior Han, please save our Guo'er. We'll be sure to do anything you want to repay you."

Everyone else also turned to Han Li upon hearing this. Han Li had stated that he had come here mostly for Bai Guo'er, so it wasn't entirely out of the question that he would step in to save her.

Bai Huaji immediately fell to his knees and kowtowed to Han Li.

A hint of a smile appeared on Han Li's face upon hearing this, and only after a while did he reply, "Indeed, I do intend to save her."

"Thank you for your kindness!" Fairy Yue Hua was overcome by elation after having her suspicions confirmed, and she also immediately fell to her knees.

However, Han Li shook his head and swept a sleeve through the air, unleashing a burst of enormous power that forcibly supported both her and Bai Huaji into a standing position, thereby preventing them from kowtowing to him.

"Don't be so quick to thank me. I have some conditions, and I'll only save her if you agree to them. I have a very good first impression of Guo'er, but I wouldn't set myself back several hundred years in my cultivation lightly," Han Li said in an indifferent manner.

"State any conditions you have, Senior; we'll satisfy you as long as it's within our power to do so," Fairy Yue Hua agreed without any hesitation.

Bai Huaji's heart stirred slightly upon hearing this, but he didn't state any objections. After all, this was his precious daughter's only chance at survival.

"I have a very simple condition. I can help her master the Ice Essence Glacial Soul ability, and I can even take her under my wing as an i

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