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Han Li was slightly tempted as he appraised the Weeping Spirit Blood Wood being held by Heavenly Eye Disciple. After witnessing the large auctions held by foreign races, there weren't many things in the human and demon races that could tempt him, so he didn't think that the first auction item of true value to be brought out would pique his interest.

If he could obtain a tribulation transcendence substitution puppet, it could save him from a life-threatening situation in the future.

However, this material could only be found in the Spirit Race, so could it really be true that there were foreign beings participating in this Myriad Treasure Convention?

As these thoughts were flashing through Han Li's mind, Heavenly Eye Disciple activated his magic power before injecting a part of it into the piece of wood in his hand.

Piercing crimson light erupted from the slim piece of wood, and it began to expand drastically to around as thick as a human arm, and also elongated to roughly 10 feet in length.

Reddish-black spots that were around the size of copper coins appeared over the surface of the wooden rod, and it writhed incessantly in his hand while emitting bursts of eerie weeping sounds as if it were a living spirit python, presenting a very unsettling scene to behold.

Those who had still harbored some suspicions toward the authenticity of the item immediately had their doubts erased, and when the starting price of 20,000,000 spirit stones was announced, a flurry of bids was quickly made.




This astronomical price immediately scared off half of the bidders. No matter how precious this Weeping Spirit Blood Wood was, Deity Transformation and Spatial Tempering cultivators had limited finances, and it would not be wise to exhaust all of their wealth to purchase such an item.

In comparison, it was much more pragmatic to purchase a few powerful protective treasures or some pills that could assist them in breaking through their next bottleneck.

However, some of the high-grade human and demonic beings who were aware of the imminent devilish tribulation had different opinions.

Many of them were eager to get their hands on this spirit item, and the price continued to swell at a rapid rate, with the bids only slowing down slightly after passing 40,000,000. Even so, the price was still slowly bid up to a staggering 50,000,000.

This was a massive price to pay even for some Body Integration Stage beings, and the one who had placed this bid wasn't any of the Body Integration Stage beings on the third floor. Instead, it was still the same Black Wolf Demon, and as a result, he began to attract even more incredulous eyes.

More bursts of spiritual sense also began to sweep toward him from the third floor, and it was quite clear that even the Body Integration Stage beings were quite bewildered by his astonishing wealth.

In the face of these powerful bursts of spiritual

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