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As expected of the True Immortal Realm; just the restriction placed over a mere medicine garden here was so difficult to bypass.

After emerging from the plaza in front of the main palace, the restrictive power from the ground still existed, but it seemed to have abated significantly. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to hurl his Extreme Essencefused Mountain very far, even in his giant ape form.

With that in mind, Han Li didn't hesitate any longer as he rushed directly toward the gate of the medicine garden. After the five-colored light barrier was destroyed, everything within the medicine garden was revealed to him.

The garden wasn't very large, but there was abundant wood-attribute spiritual Qi and the strong fragrance of spirit medicine surging toward him.

As such, even though he hadn't yet made his way into the medicine garden, he knew that he had most likely made the right decision in coming here, and that he would definitely reap bountiful rewards.

The entire medicine garden was surrounded by a low fence that was constructed from some kind of green vines. The gate of the garden consisted of two extremely simple boards that were only around 30 feet tall, and they were slightly ajar.

Through the gaps in the fence, Han Li could roughly see what lay within the medicine garden from afar.

The side of the medicine garden that was facing him was quite flat, and the spirit medicines planted there were all short ones that were less than half a foot tall.

Han Li focused his gaze and ascertained what lay at the forefront patch of the medicine garden. The spirit medicines in this area of the medicine garden all had faint yellow leaves, but at their centers were thumb-sized fruits that were thin and pointy, bearing a resemblance to the red chili peppers of the human world.

These fruits were emanating red light, and from a distance, they appeared to be miniature thumb-sized lamps that were quite endearing to behold.

This entire section of the medicine garden was filled exclusively by this type of spirit medicine, so it was quite apparent that the owner of the garden held this medicine in very high regard.

After ascertaining the appearances of these spirit medicines and their fruits, many thoughts quickly flashed through his mind. He had a feeling that he had read about this type of spirit medicine in the past, but he was unable to recall exactly what it was.

Thus, he strode into the medicine garden with a contemplative look on his face.

Just as he passed through the wooden gate, he was suddenly struck by a moment of enlightenment and finally recalled what this type of spirit medicine was.

He had read about it in a very ancient tome back in the Scattered Star Seas of the human world, and these spirit medicines were completely identical to the description in the records, so there was no mistaking it.

He suddenly paused at the entrance to the medicine garden and cast his gaze toward this patch

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