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The Provenance Projection wasn't manifested into the golden body, but its six arms each made a different hand seal, and the lips on its two heads with clear facial features were moving slightly as if it were chanting something.

Moments later, Buddhist chants began to echo throughout the secret chamber, and at the same time, golden light swirled over Han Li's face while his skin and muscles squirmed, following which a series of golden scales appeared.

This was a clear indication that he had unleashed his Provenance True Devil Arts to its maximal extent.

The nine silver discs that were hovering around him tremored slightly before radiating piercing light and emitting a faint buzzing sound.

The sound resonated with the Buddhist chants and combined as one seamlessly without seeming out of place or unpleasant to the ears at all; it was as if both of the sounds were originating from the same source.

All of a sudden, a golden halo appeared behind Han Li, and another appeared behind the Provenance Projection.

The halo behind the projection was clearly larger than the one behind Han Li, but it was nowhere near as dense.

Han Li let loose a low harrumph as he switched to another hand seal, and the two golden halos revolved on the spot before countless golden runes gushed out of their centers. All of these runes were shimmering with golden light and extremely dazzling to behold.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that these were all golden seal runes.

The nine silver discs also began to display changes as if they were being influenced by the golden seal text. A faint buzzing sound rang out, and one fist-sized silver rune after another rapidly drifted out of the discs before hurtling toward the golden light.

These silver runes were clearly beveled silver text.

Thus, golden and silver runes appeared simultaneously within the golden light, and their numbers only continued to increase as they soon spread all throughout the light. However, there were still large numbers of runes that were gushing out relentlessly before surging into the light in a frenzy.

Han Li remained completely still, but a rather strained look appeared on his face, and this expression was only becoming more and more pronounced as the number of runes in the golden halo increased.

Not long after that, Han Li's eyes abruptly sprang open, and he let loose an almighty cry.

All nine of the silver discs exploded in unison amid a sharp screeching sound and vanished into balls of silver light.

Meanwhile, the golden halo behind Han Li also began to accelerate drastically in its rotation. At the same time, it began to blur and shrink, and the golden and silver runes within it also shrank alongside it.

Within the span of just a few breaths, the thousands of runes had been reduced to around the size of a grain of rice each.

The golden halo itself had also become a fist-sized ball of shimmering golden light.

The other golden

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