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After that, Han Li made a hand seal to summon a white figure, which transformed into a woman in white that also disappeared into the nearby space.

Finally, he brought out his High Zenith Invisibility Talisman again, and silver runes flashed as he faded into nothingness.

His insubstantial body quickly flew toward a certain passageway in a completely expressionless manner, and after taking several turns, a white stone cave finally appeared up ahead.

There were four faint auras emanating from within the cave, and Han Li narrowed his eyes as he continued to drift forward.

Moments later, he reached the entrance to the cave and swept his gaze through its interior. This cave was over 1,000 feet in size, which was far larger than all of the other caves, and it resembled a small plaza.

At the center of the plaza was a semi-spherical silver light barrier, within which was another stone wall that had golden seal text inscribed on its surface.

There was a Rong being seated with their legs crossed at each corner of the plaza, and some of them had their heads lowered in contemplation, while others were staring intently at the silver light barrier.

However, what drew Han Li's attention the most was a tall and broad Rong being with his eyes closed and his hands resting on his knees.

This Rong being wore a set of ordinary grey robes, but there was a huge blade strapped to his back. The entire blade was wrapped in yellow beast hide, with only its thick and long black handle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) revealed.

The entire blade seemed to be significantly taller than even the Rong being himself, and it was extremely eye-catching. What particularly caught Han Li's attention was the virtually substantial layer of faint crimson light emanating from the Rong being's body. This was an extremely dense layer of baleful Qi.

The other three Rong beings consisted of a young man in a suit of leather armor, as well as an old man and an old woman.

These four Rong beings also had fur all over their bodies like their brethren, but they possessed heads that were identical to those of normal humans.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he immediately drifted toward the tall and broad man without any hesitation.

It was quite clear that this Rong being was far more powerful than the other three, so he was going to take this man by surprise and kill him quickly before taking on the other three less troublesome opponents.

His insubstantial body drifted silently through the air, and he was soon less than 200 feet away from his target.

The Rong being continued to sit in a stationary manner, completely oblivious to the fact that a major threat was approaching.

Han Li's magic power was already beginning to circulate within his body, yet right at this moment, an unexpected turn of events unfolded.

When Han Li was only just over 100 feet away from the Rong being, the giant blade on his back suddenly let loose a faint ringing so

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