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Han Li's eyes flashed, and a serious look appeared on his face as he appraised the green chair on the platform.

"Could it be that the person uttering the incantation has to sit on the chair for it to work? I wonder if this is a risk that's worth taking." A hesitant look appeared in Han Li's eyes.

This place had been concealed in such a mysterious place, so it definitely harbored quite an important secret. This was something that even an immortal clearly held in very high regard; how could he be willing to leave without exploring everything to the best of his abilities?

However, the illusionary formation in the starry sky diagram had been so fearsome that it naturally made him very cautious about getting his golden body to sit on the chair at the center of the diagram.

"So be it, risk and reward have always come hand in hand. Generally speaking, the greater the risk, the greater the reward; I've already successfully manifested a golden body, so I'll just have to get my second Nascent Soul to take a risk. If I miss out on this opportunity, there's no way that I'll encounter any other immortal ruins in the Spirit Realm."

After contemplating this conundrum for a long while, a determined look finally appeared on Han Li's face. He had always been prone to erring on the side of caution, but in the face of the massive temptation presented by this treasure left behind by an immortal, even he was convinced to take a risk.

Almost at the exact same moment, a peculiar light flashed through the golden body's black eyes, and it immediately strode toward the chair.

Moments later, the huge golden body stopped in front of the green chair, and it seemed to be rather hesitant as it was too massive to sit in the chair. Thus, it immediately made a hand seal, and it quickly shrank down amid a flash of golden light, reducing itself to around 10 feet tall compared to its original 20 feet stature.

Only then did it take a seat on the chair and lay its arms on the armrests before uttering the incantation again.

On this occasion, changes began to occur around the golden body as soon as it began to utter the incantation.

Green light suddenly flashed from the chair that it was sitting on, and a series of silver runes surfaced before revolving around the golden body.

As the incantation grew louder and more fervent, specks of five-colored spiritual light also began to appear in the air above the platform. More and more specks of spiritual light began to gather, and it was as if there were countless five-colored snowflakes fluttering through the air, creating quite a spectacular sight to behold.

Han Li's heart stirred as he looked on at the scenes unfolding on the platform with an intense unblinking gaze.

Almost right after the five-colored specks of light began to appear, golden, silver, and white light abruptly emerged from the massive starry sky diagram on the platform.

The sun, moon, and stars flashed before exploding

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