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All of a sudden, Han Li emerged from the nearby space, and glanced at the Provenance Golden Body with a pleased look on his face.

He swept a sleeve through the air, and the golden body disintegrated into specks of golden light. The second Nascent Soul then flew toward him as a ball of black Qi before also vanishing into his body in a flash.

He had released his second Nascent Soul to possess the golden body, but due to the fact that it still hadn't fortified its cultivation base, it had been unable to use its devilish powers during that battle and could only use its spiritual sense to control the golden body.

In doing so, the second Nascent Soul wouldn't have to worry about facing backlash from inner demons, but the golden body wouldn't be able to unleash its full power, either.

Thankfully, after Han Li reached the late-Spatial Tempering Stage, he had also cultivated to the last section of his Provenance True Devil Arts, so his golden body had become far more powerful than back when he was at the early-Spatial Tempering Stage.

As such, he was able to use many more powerful abilities that he had been looking forward to for a long time, one of the most powerful and unpredictable of which was the Revolving Golden Light.

Even if an ordinary Body Integration Stage being were to be caught off guard and sucked in by this golden light, there was a very good chance that they'd perish in there unless they had some extremely powerful abilities or treasures to protect themselves.

As such, even though the second Nascent Soul was unable to use its devilish powers, it was still able to kill that Rong being with ease.

All four of those Rong beings had been slain in virtually the blink of an eye, and Fairy Yue and the elderly man were still hesitating in the distance about whether they should turn around and lend Han Li their assistance when the battle was already over.

The four troublesome enemies who had posed such a major threat to them had been eradicated by Han Li with the utmost ease, and both of them were completely rooted to the spot.

Their expressions were filled most with astonishment, as well as a hint of unease, and the slightest hint of elation.

Han Li completely disregarded them and arrived before Qu'er in a flash.

Ever since Han Li had appeared, Qu'er had remained rooted obediently to the spot without moving so much as a single inch. The two of them engaged in a brief conversation via voice transmission, following which white light flashed from her body, and she quickly disappeared up Han Li's sleeve.

Han Li paused momentarily with a contemplative look on his face before turning to appraise the woman and elderly man in the distance.

The two of them also seemed to have engaged in a brief conversation, and after a brief hesitation, they flew over to Han Li together.

Even though they had decided to approach Han Li, they still chose to stop over 100 feet away from him in the end.

"Thank y

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