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"Then I'll have to thank you two for your generosity," Han Li said with a smile as he cupped his fist in a salute.

"Don't mention it, Brother Han. Now that we've broken this restriction, we should enter these ruins and find the treasures that Master and Senior Duan require as quickly as possible. After we secure these treasures, we'll definitely be rewarded handsomely when we return to Cloud City," Liu Shui'er said as a serious look appeared on her face.

After that, she stowed away her grey flag before flying into the hole down below as a streak of blue light.

Shi Kun also hurriedly followed along as a ball of yellow light.

In contrast, Han Li inspected his surroundings through narrowed eyes, and only after ascertaining that nothing was amiss in the nearby area did he also slowly descend toward the hole.

At this point, Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun had already sped on ahead.

Just as Han Li flew into the massive hole behind them, vibrant balls of light suddenly appeared in the surrounding area before sweeping toward him.

Han Li was naturally quite alarmed to see this, and he immediately conjured up a layer of protective azure light to shield himself.

However, those vibrant balls of light then faltered before transforming into runes of different sizes, and they revolved around Han Li before forming a small five-colored light formation.

Han Li found himself situated at the very center of the formation, and a faint buzzing sound rang out as bursts of spatial fluctuations erupted around him.

As opposed to becoming even more alarmed by this development, Han Li's expression eased slightly instead, and he clasped his hands behind his back, displaying no intention to shatter this light formation.

In the next instant, bright five-colored spiritual light erupted, and Han Li was struck by a rush of dizziness while his surroundings blurred, and he abruptly vanished on the spot.

In the next instant, Han Li opened his eyes to find that he was situated on a tall platform.

The entire platform had been paved with gigantic blocks of blue stone, and there were some patterns on its surface, but it certainly couldn't be classified as intricate or beautiful. Instead, it gave off a simple and primitive air.

Directly underfoot was a teleportation formation with a radius that was no more than 20 feet, and close to the formation was a stone staircase that led down from the platform.

Han Li only took a quick glance at the teleportation formation and the stone platform before casting his gaze toward the surrounding area.

At this moment, he seemed to be situated within an alternate space. There was a bright sun up above, and the sky was of a bright blue color without a single cloud in sight. There were all types of exotic plants and flowers growing in the area, and an occasional gentle breeze would blow past, carrying the fragrance of these plants toward Han Li.

However, the thing that attracted Han Li's attentio

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