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Of course, these Flying Rainbow Fish were indeed quite powerful, but the value of their inner cores far outweighed their powers, which was why they had been hunted into extinction so quickly by powerful beings in primordial times.

Han Li was truly very surprised to encounter these strange fish here, and even though the records on the ancient tome had stated that the venom of these fish was extremely fearsome, Han Li was rather skeptical about these claims.

Thus, he immediately waved a hand through the air, and a grey light barrier appeared before him. He then flipped over his other hand, and a burst of five-colored flames surged forth.

The two intertwined with one another to form a light barrier that shielded him within, and immediately thereafter, he swept a sleeve through the air, upon which several tens of small azure swords shot forth in a frenzy.

The azure swords circled around before splitting up into several hundred streaks of shimmering azure sword Qi that were flashing with a cold light.

One of the Flying Rainbow Fish let loose a sharp screech upon seeing this, and all of the flying fish converged toward Han Li in a menacing manner as streaks of light.


Han Li's expression darkened as he made a hand seal while letting loose a low cry, and the hundreds of streaks of sword Qi shuddered before erupting forth in all directions, sweeping through the school of fish as thick pillars of azure light.

All of the flying fish in the path of the streaks of sword Qi were sliced in half, and their bodies plummeted from the sky amid a torrential downpour of green blood.

Over 1,000 of the flying fish were slain in the blink of an eye, and a strong stench of blood and gore wafted through the surrounding air.

The Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were extremely sharp, but there was a limit to their numbers, so they couldn't kill all of the flying fish at once. As such, there were still some flying fish that managed to get closer to Han Li.

All of them let loose sharp screeches before expelling fist-sized balls of green liquid out of their mouths that hurtled directly toward Han Li.

Han Li's expression changed slightly as he switched to another hand seal, and all of the streaks of surrounding sword Qi abruptly converged around him before transforming into massive azure lotus flowers.

The azure lotus flowers rotated slowly in mid-air, completely shielding Han Li within a barrier of sword Qi.

Han Li was well aware that as long as he could keep the poison attacks of these Flying Rainbow Fish at bay, it wouldn't be impossible for him to eradicate all of them at once.

After all, Flying Rainbow Fish relied extremely heavily on their poison. Even though his cultivation base had improved significantly, he was still rather unsure of his ability to withstand this legendary poison.

However, he would regret it if he left without at least giving it a try. It was said that those rainbow cores had extr

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