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Shi Kun's expression suddenly changed slightly upon hearing this, and he smiled as he said, "However, Brother Han is clearly the most powerful among us, so we hope that you can put in some extra effort when we attempt to break the restriction on this main palace."

"I'm the most powerful one among us? I certainly wouldn't dare to agree to that sentiment, but rest assured, I'll be sure to put in my best effort," Han Li replied as he nodded in an expressionless manner.

Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun exchanged a glance upon hearing this, and both of them were feeling rather reassured after securing Han Li's promise.

Both of them were very proud individuals, but after scaling that mountain path and forcibly breaking that illusionary formation, they had expended a significant portion of their magic power.

Without the assistance of an unfathomable being such as Han Li, it really would be quite difficult for them to break the restriction on this main palace.

They didn't have to worry about Han Li suddenly turning on them after they broke this restriction as Cai Liuying and Duan Tianren were still waiting for them back at Cloud City, and those two Body Integration Stage seniors were going to act as their safety nets.

With the vast array of powerful abilities that Han Li had displayed during this trip, the two of them were no longer just envious; they had become quite wary of and defensive toward him.

But then again, if it weren't for Han Li's unfathomable power, they would perhaps be inclined to revoke their original agreement of splitting the treasures aside from the ones requested by Cai Liuying and Duan Tianren.

Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun were both wary of Han Li's abilities, and they knew that they may not be a match for him even in a two-on-one battle, so they naturally weren't going to turn on him.

In contrast, Han Li was confident in his ability to kill these two, but he didn't want to break their pact as that could potentially affect his mental state, thereby manifesting inner demons. Furthermore, he was also quite wary of Cai Liuying and Duan Tianren as well, so he didn't harbor any ulterior motives.

As such, the three of them were just barely able to maintain a stable balance. However, taking into consideration the fact that there were Jiao Chi beings nearby, it was naturally best to secure the treasures as soon as possible.

This was why Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun had immediately attempted to break into the main palace after emerging from the illusionary formation, despite the fact that they knew the restriction on the palace gate would most likely be quite formidable.

In the end, they discovered that the restriction was even more powerful than they'd expected, and it had destroyed Shi Kun's hammers and Liu Shui'er's mirror in virtually the blink of an eye.

Those two treasures weren't the most powerful ones in their repertoires, but they were definitely the treasures that they used the most and were most

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