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During this final period of time in the Vast Glacial Realm, Han Li didn't cultivate or prepare to break through any bottlenecks. Instead, he found another secluded mountain and carefully inspected the Spirit Refinement Technique with the golden seal text that he had just learned.

Even that mysterious energy back in the restriction had been unable to push him to the Body Integration Stage, so there was naturally no way that a breakthrough could take place through more conventional methods.

After all, he had progressed up two stages in rapid succession, so he had to consolidate both his mental state and newly gained magic power for a long time. Only then would he truly be prepared to attempt a breakthrough to the Body Integration Stage.

In contrast, every other foreign being who had ventured into this realm had all been stuck at the pinnacle of the Spatial Tempering Stage for countless years. Only after determining that there was no way for them to make breakthroughs in the Spirit Realm did they decide to risk venturing into the Vast Glacial Realm.

Furthermore, according to some rumors, the final month or two before the closing of the Vast Glacial Realm was when the spirit veins in this realm released its richest spiritual Qi. As such, attempting breakthroughs during this time would likely increase one's chances of success.

Thus, all of the foreign beings who entered this realm either went straight into cultivation to prepare for a breakthrough, or scoured the Vast Glacial Realm for all types of rare and precious materials and treasures before attempting breakthroughs during the final months.

There was also another category of beings such as Fairy Yue, who had entered the Vast Glacial Realm with an ulterior motive to begin with.

In any case, no matter which category one belonged to, everyone would begin attempting breakthroughs during the final month or two.

Han Li was unique in that he was the only one who had entered the Vast Glacial Realm prior to reaching the late-Spatial Tempering Stage, and the astonishing progress he had since made had never been seen even throughout history, so he was naturally an exception to this.

However, the golden seal text truly was very profound; it took Han Li around a month just to comprehend the simplest part of the cultivation art, and a lot of this was simply an explanation, as well as words of praise for the cultivation art.

Han Li finally understood why Fairy Yue had proclaimed this cultivation art to be so troublesome.

According to the parts that Han Li had deciphered, the Spirit Refinement Technique seemed to be quite an extraordinary cultivation art even in the True Immortal Realm. It had even incorporated some laws of heaven and earth, and once successfully mastered, one's spiritual sense would instantly receive an incredible boost.

The cultivation art was split up into three stages. Mastering the first stage could double one's spiritual sense, mastering th

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