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As his body was swept up by the five-colored light, the surrounding space instantly became as hard as iron and steel. At the same time, a burst of enormous force came crashing down onto his body, completely immobilizing him.

The five purple lightning snakes continued to hurtle toward him amid alarming thunderclaps, and Han Li was instantly plunged into life-threatening danger.

However, he was certainly no ordinary being, and in the next instant, the pale complexion of his face vanished. A frosty look then appeared in his eyes as he let loose a cold harrumph, and golden light flashed from his body as the Provenance True Devil Projection appeared again.

However, on this occasion, it was vastly different from how it had been before...

The projection itself was glowing with scintillating light, and it was as if a layer of golden paint had been applied to it, making it resemble a golden deity statue.

This was none other than the golden body that Han Li had recently successfully cultivated.

Right at this moment, Han Li opened his mouth, and a ball of black light was expelled from within. The ball of black light then vanished into the golden body in a flash as a burst of black Qi.

A hint of intelligence suddenly appeared in the wooden eyes of one of the projection's three heads, and a layer of black Qi surfaced from its face.

The massive golden body then positioned itself in front of Han Li in a flash, and at this point, the purple lightning arcs had already arrived.

However, the golden body remained completely unfazed as it swept five of its hands toward the arcs of purple lightning without any hesitation.

Following a string of dull rumbling booms, five golden pillars of light shot forth from the projection's five palms to meet the arcs of lightning.

The golden light and purple lightning instantly clashed not far away, and despite the immense power of the purple lightning, close to half of it was still eradicated by the pillars of light. However, the pillars of light had also vanished as a result of the clash...

As such, Han Li should be able to escape this perilous situation if he were to control his golden body to unleash another wave of the same attacks. However, the remnants of the arcs of lightning didn't afford him this opportunity.

Another string of loud thunderclaps rang out, and the purple lightning snakes abruptly appeared right in front of Han Li before crashing down in a vicious manner.

However, in this dire situation, all of the arms of Han Li's golden body suddenly blurred, and they instantly vanished on the spot.

In the next instant, the five arcs of purple lightning shuddered and were caught by five golden hands, which had appeared out of thin air without any warning...

The fingers on the five hands closed in on one another, and the arcs of lightning were crushed into nothingness amid a few thunderclaps.

Countless threads of lightning shot forth, and a small portion o

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