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The giant golden ape spread its massive arms before wrapping them around the neck of the purple wyrm, then tore the head off the huge wyrm with a ferocious roar.

The purple wyrm's body disintegrated into countless arcs of lightning amid a resounding boom, and the giant ape abruptly raised its head before taking a deep breath, then opened its mouth to expel a vast expanse of golden light.

All of the dispersing arcs of lightning were immediately captured by the golden light before being drawn into the golden ape's mouth. In the blink of an eye, all of the lightning had vanished.

However, the giant ape had no intention of stopping there. Spiritual light swirled around its body, and the golden light it had expelled from its mouth vanished into the five-colored spirit clouds as a pillar of light.

A string of dull thumps rang out in rapid succession within the spirit clouds, and they began to revolve around the golden pillar of light.

All of the runes within the clouds were drawn into the golden light in a frenzy by a burst of enormous suction force, and these runes were all devoured by the gargantuan ape.

Moments later, the surface of the golden pillar of light was riddled with runes of all different colors, which were surging downward in a frenzy.

The giant golden ape's mouth was like a bottomless pit that seemed to have an unlimited capacity for these runes.

All of the spectating cultivators around the sea of mist all looked on in a flabbergasted manner.

Meanwhile, the terms "Giant Mountain Ape" and "true spirit bloodline" reverberated within the white-haired elderly man's mind, and he was even more shocked than all of the other cultivators.

As a branch leader of a true spirit family, he was naturally far more knowledgeable and experienced than other cultivators of his caliber, and he immediately identified that gargantuan ape as the projection of a Giant Mountain Ape, a revelation that immediately had his jaw dropping straight to the ground.

"No wonder he was unwilling to join our Gu Family; he possesses a true spirit bloodline himself! But this projection is way too powerful! Even from this far away, its aura alone is enough to fell so many of us. On top of that, the phenomena taking place on this occasion are even more astonishing than those from last time. So much of the world's origin Qi is converging toward one place; could it be that he's attempting a breakthrough to the Body Integration Stage?" The elderly man wasn't all that powerful himself, but he was quite smart and managed to strike the nail on the head in just a short time.

At this moment, not only were the runes above the sea of mist being drawn into the golden light, even the five-colored spirit clouds themselves were being swept up.

A short while later, the spirit clouds in the sky had been warped and elongated to form a giant funnel-like structure with a wide top that tapered down to a narrow bottom.

Vast amounts of these sp

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