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Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and he immediately vanished on the spot as a blurry shadow.

In the next instant, he reappeared directly in front of the door of light before disappearing into it. The giant ape puppet also hurriedly followed along.

Almost as soon as the puppet entered the door of light, the black and blue ball of light that was hovering in mid-air abruptly exploded.

The giant net that had encompassed the entire plaza also shattered without any warningbefore dissipating as specks of spiritual light.

In the next instant, white light flashed erratically from the door of light, and the surrounding space blurred before it also vanished.

Thus, the plaza was restored to its original appearance, but Han Li and the giant ape puppet were nowhere to be seen; it was as if they'd never even entered the palace in the first place.

Meanwhile, Shi Kun was only just over 100 steps away from reaching the summit, and he could already catch a glimpse of the entrance of the palace.

Liu Shui'er was a few hundred steps behind him, and the two of them seemed to have calmed down now that Han Li had already entered the palace ahead of them.


Han Li reopened his eyes and immediately appraised his surroundings.

After emerging from the door of light, he found himself situated directly in front of the main palace.

The gate of the main palace was rather mundane-looking, with only a few simple patterns engraved onto its surface. However, there was a giant plaque that was around 70 to 80 feet in length hanging above the gate, and there were a few ancient golden characters inscribed on its surface. Han Li focused his gaze on the plaque, and his heart stirred slightly in response to what he saw.

Even though he couldn't read this ancient text, it struck him as being rather similar to beveled silver text, so it was most likely golden seal text.

Unfortunately, there were extremely few beings in the Spirit Realm that understood golden seal text, so he hadn't been able to learn it from anywhere. Otherwise, perhaps he'd be able to glean some useful information from this plaque.

With that in mind, Han Li cast his gaze toward the gate in front of him before issuing another instruction to the giant ape puppet beside him using his spiritual sense.

The puppet immediately stepped forward at his behest, making its way up the stairs, then pressing its hands against the gates of the main palace to try and push it open, just as it had done with the previous palace gate.

However, things didn't progress as smoothly on this occasion.

As soon as the giant ape puppet's hands came into contact with the mundane-looking gate, a string of dull thunderclaps suddenly rang out. Immediately thereafter, a devastating aura that threatened to annihilate heaven and earth erupted from the gate

Even though Han Li was over 100 feet away from the gate, he was still quite alarmed by this sudden development

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