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The silver runes on the surface of the mountain were projected outward before rapidly forming several black holes around the mountain, each of which had a diameter of around 10 feet.

Grey light swirled inside those black holes as bursts of enormous suction force erupted from within.

All of the nearby grains of sand were swept up by the grey light, reverting back to their original form before surging into the black holes in a frenzy.

Thus, a vast expanse of empty space appeared around the mountain.

Meanwhile, the ancient characters on the giant badge flashed before unleashing a thick pillar of grey light.

The badge acted as a hilt while the pillar of Divine Essencefused Light formed a blade, and the two combined to create a massive sword of grey light that was around 70 to 80 feet in length.

The sword swept through the air, causing the nearby space to warp and twist, and destroying all of the fist-sized grains of sand in the surrounding area.

There were millions of these yellow grains of sand surging through the air, yet most of them were drawn away by the Extreme Essencefused Mountain while the rest were destroyed by the grey light sword.

Thus, the 10th restriction was finally broken, thereby revealing the final restriction. This was a giant piece of artwork formed by an azure light barrier.

The artwork depicted lush mountains and scenic forests with countless beasts and birds residing within them.

At the same time, spiritual light suddenly flashed from the tallest mountain in the artwork, and balls of spiritual light began to explode all over the image.

Bird projections of all colors sprang to life within the azure light, and some of them flapped their wings while others raised their head and let loose long cries. All of them then erupted from the artwork as if they were actual living creatures.

Some of the birds opened their beaks to blast forth balls of crimson flames, some flapped their wings to unleash white blades of wind, and some summoned arcs of silver lightning around their talons amid rumbling thunderclaps.

Attacks of different forms erupted like floodwaters through a shattered dam, and at the same time, the light flashing from the azure mountain transformed into projections that were untraceable to the naked eye before hurling toward the black mountain and the grey sword of light.

The amount of High Zenith Azure Light imbued within this layer of the restriction was far more than that in all of the previous layers combined!

As these projections struck the Extreme Essencefused Mountain and the grey light sword, the grey light emanating from the two treasures dimmed significantly as if they were being overwhelmed.

However, as opposed to being disheartened by this, Han Li was elated as he exclaimed, "That really is a High Zenith Azure Mountain!"

Han Li was almost immediately able to identify that the mountain within the artwork was the treasure that he'd been searching

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