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The azure streak of light vanished into the distance after just a few flashes.

"Was there any reaction from the Foreign Spirit Discs?" the Heavenly Guard asked with a solemn expression.

"There was no reaction; that Senior Han really is a human," one of the Dark Azure Guards replied.

"He doesn't have a transit badge, and his Dark Azure Guard badge also expired so long ago. Could it be that he's lingered in the primordial world this entire time? It seems he must've encountered some miraculous opportunities. Otherwise, there's no way he could've progressed from the Deity Transformation Stage to the late-Spatial Tempering Stage in just over 300 years. But then again, he really is a human so there shouldn't be any issues; I really shouldn't stick my nose into this matter." The Heavenly Guard contemplated the situation for a while before shaking his head.

It was extremely rare to see someone make such extraordinary progress in just a few centuries, but there were countless opportunities in the primordial world, so it wasn't entirely unheard of. If he hadn't already been a Deep Heaven Guard before, perhaps he could've been recruited as a Heavenly Guard, but now that he was already a free man, he naturally wouldn't be willing to explore such a route.

Thus, the Heavenly Guard quickly set aside this matter and turned toward the scholarly man and his three companions, who had just emerged from the same hall.

Han Li was constantly inspecting his surroundings while flying through the air, and despite the fact that over 300 years had passed, none of the buildings in Deep Heaven City seemed to have changed at all.

There were still many black and white-armored guards patrolling the city at low altitudes, as well as many cultivators who were entering and exiting the buildings down below.

The entire city appeared to be quite lively and bustling, and there was no sign that it had been attacked by foreign beings before.

Han Li flew directly toward the Deep Heaven City market, and on this occasion, he didn't plan to stay in Deep Heaven City for too long.

He had consolidated his magic power during the past century, and his mental state had been refined through many near-death experiences, so he already satisfied all of the criteria to break through his Body Integration Stage bottleneck. As such, he could attempt a breakthrough after making a few more preparations.

With his vast array of abilities, even as an early-Body Integration cultivator, he should be powerful enough to contend with late-Body Integration Stage beings, so he could virtually do as he pleased in the human regions and demon territories.

As such, what he had to do next was to find an obscure place near Deep Heaven City and go into seclusion to attempt a breakthrough.

Prior to that however, he was going to set everything aside for now and first replenish his supplies. He had whittled down his supplies over the course of the past century, so he had to

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