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Even though Han Li couldn't see any apparent changes in the Leopard Kirin Beast, the fact that he was sensing a threat from it naturally meant that it had definitely undergone some kind of transformation.

Unfortunately, he didn't have time to carefully analyze the beast, and he would have to wait until he left the Vast Glacial Realm before conducting a thorough examination.

With that in mind, Han Li issued the Leopard Kirin Beast an instruction using his spiritual sense, then sat down with his legs crossed and began to meditate.

He hadn't recovered much of his magic power to begin with, and after that battle with the golden-horned Jiao Chi being, he was almost completely spent. Hence, Han Li stayed in the tree hollow for seven days, and only then did he manage to recover close to 90% of his magic power.

He had naturally intended to fully recover all of his magic power before continuing in his journey, but at around noon of the eighth day, the Leopard Kirin Beast suddenly let loose a low snarl, immediately jerking Han Li out of his meditative state.

His eyes abruptly sprang open, and he could sense chaotic spiritual Qi fluctuations surging through the nearby area. Furthermore, there were faint explosions ringing out in the extremely far distance, and it seemed that someone was engaged in battle in the air above.

Han Li immediately released his spiritual sense out of the tree hollow without any hesitation, and a peculiar look appeared on his face as he discovered that there were two ferocious beasts, one large and one small, engaged in battle tens of thousands of feet in the air above.

As they battled, the larger of the two beasts was pursuing the smaller beast, the latter of which was a beast that was only around 10 feet in size with shimmering golden fur and a pair of inky-black eyes.

This was none other than the Dark Beast Monarch that Han Li had seen earlier in the Dark Beast Forest, the very same one that was being hunted down by its own brethren. This Dark Beast Monarch was now in an even sorrier state. Not only were there charred sections on its body that were devoid of fur and skin, most of its thin and long tail had somehow been severed.

Even so, it was still just as ferocious as ever, relentlessly blasting golden blades of wind toward its pursuer as it fled up ahead as a golden streak of light.

As soon as the golden blades of wind erupted from its mouth, they extended to several feet in size, then covered a distance of several hundred feet in a flash before crashing downward with vicious force.

However, the larger of the two beasts completely disregarded the golden blades of wind, relying on the spiritual light that was glowing around it to repel these attacks. Its defensive abilities were truly astonishing!

This beast was over 100 feet in length, and it was a strange beast with the body of a wyrm and the head of a pig. Its head was snowy white while its body was of a shimmering blue color

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