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In the next instant, black light flashed several tens of feet in front of Han Li, and the black spear abruptly reappeared before hurtling toward him as a streak of black light.

However, Han Li reacted extremely quickly, and almost in the exact same instant that he black spear appeared, he opened his mouth to blast forth a golden arc of lightning that struck the spear with unerring accuracy.

He didn't know what kind of abilities the spear possessed, but from the faint odor of blood and gore emanating from it, he could deduce that this was most likely an evil weapon, so his Divine Devilbane Lightning would provide the perfect counter.

However, the scenes that unfolded next had Han Li feeling quite astonished. Spiritual light suddenly flashed from the black spear, and it passed through the arc of lighting in a flash as a faint shadow. The golden arc of lightning struck empty space and wasn't able to slow down the spear in the slightest.

The spear was already extremely close to Han Li, and he had just been caught off guard by this sudden development, so even though he was far more powerful than the average cultivator of his caliber, there was no way for him to evade in time.

Thus, the black spear struck his body amid a dull thump before exploding into a ball of black light.

Han Li was forced back a single step by the enormous impact, but his body remained completely unscathed.

The black light released in the wake of the spear's explosion resembled sinister infernal light straight from the depths of hell, but it was kept at bay by a suit of black armor that emerged from Han Li's body in a flash.

This was an attack that would've definitely killed a normal cultivator of his caliber, but it was kept at bay with relative ease by the suit of devilish armor.

Han Li and the young man's expressions both changed in unison.

Han Li was naturally quite stunned that his opponent's attack had been able to disregard even his Divine Devilbane Lightning. If it weren't for the Heavenly Devilish Armor's reflexive reaction to protect its wearer, that attack could've spelled a lot of trouble for him.

Meanwhile, the young man was stunned that the Yin Spirit Spear that had earned him quick victories on so many occasions in the past had failed in this instance. He had already slain countless opponents with this weapon, and close to half of them were beings of the same cultivation base as him.

A peculiar light flashed through his eyes, and he began to appraise Han Li's suit of black armor with an intense gaze.

Even though this was the first time he had seen this suit of devilish armor, it was quite clear from its sinister design and the black runes emanating from it that this was no ordinary suit of armor. As such, he was becoming quite excited.

"Good! You've got a nice suit of armor there; I'll be taking it for myself," the young man proclaimed in a cold voice.

Han Li was naturally quite enraged to hear this, but

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